sysWORXX CTR-750 Smart Control

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Computing power meets connectivity in the field and cloud

[DeepL] sysWORXX CTR-750

Our smart controller sysWORXX CTR-750 is your solution for advanced connectivity and customized field connectivity. It is an innovative, Linux-based compact controller for universal processing purposes of industrial standard signals.

Fast and powerful like its little brother, the CTR-700, it can be integrated into applications in no time.

Direct cloud or ERP connection is provided via an integrated LTE modem. Application-specific data can be easily aggregated via numerous local inputs and outputs as well as versatile communication interfaces. Thus, our sysWORXX CTR-750 raises the binding of OT and IT to a new level. Especially in the field of distributed automation of decentralized plants.

Your advantages

  • integrated LTE modem for highest connectivity
  • individual assembly and design options, white and brand label
  • use as field gateway, edge controller, compact PLC for climate data acquisition, asset tracking, energy monitoring and device management
  • prepared for the use of  structure-borne sound analysis
  • freely programmable open source component for automation or digitalization
  • powerful and immediately usable with all standard partner solutions
  • Features / Details

    • integrated LTE modem (EG25-G)
    • independent Ethernet interfaces for secure separation of enterprise IT and store floor OT
    • use of various protocols:
      • Modbus RTU and TCP
      • OPC UA
      • MQTT
    • shielded backplane extension bus
    • suitable for DIN-rail mounting



    Size (height, width, depth)





    10 - 95% non-condensing (VDE 0110)




    NXP i.MX 7

    Processor core

    Dual Cortex-A7

    MPU speed (MHz)





    Yes (with buffer capacitor)

    Temp. sensor


    Real-time Core

    Cortex-M4 200MHz




    1024 MB


    8GB eMMC



    LTE modem

    integrated (EG25-G), uSIM slot available


    2 (Secure separation of IT & OT) 10/100Mbps


    1 UART (RS485 Modbus, RS232 freely available)

    USB 2.0 Host


    SD Card


    Linux console

    1 (Version as USB or RS232)


    Prepared for use with all major cloud providers through standard protocols such as MQTT, OPC-UA and REST


    prepared for use with all major cloud providers



    Basic installation

    Linux OS (Debian 10 Buster), I/O driver, Node-RED incl. sysWORXX Nodes for I/O access and data exchange with IEC 61131-3 Runtime OpenPCS, OpenJDK & Mono

    Additional licenses

    IEC 61131-3 Runtime OpenPCS, OPC UA server for OpenPCS


    Function block libraries for communication (Ethernet and UART)


    Function block libraries for hardware components (RTC, Counter, PWM/PTO)


    Third party software: Download from Debian OS repositories


    TeamViewer Agent for connection to TeamViewer Cloud


    Docker (container virtualization)


    qBee Agent for device management via cloud

    I/O interfaces


    Digital inputs 24 VDC

    10 (data galvanically decoupled)

    Highspeed Counter

    1 (alternate function for 2 DI and A/B Encoder)


    6 (4-wire connector for PT100/PT1000, -50°C ... +250°C, +/-0.2%ful range scale)


    4 (Type K with cold junction Temperature compensation, -50°C ... +250°C, +/-0.2%ful range scale)

    Relay 230VAC, 1A

    2 (open)

    Analog inputs

    8 (configurable: 0...10VDC, 0...20mA, 15-bit, +/-0.2%ful range scale)

    Analog outputs

    4 (configurable: 0...10VDC, 0...20mA, 15-Bit, +/-0.2%ful range scale)



    Status LEDs

    Power CPU, Power periphery, Run, Error & more

    Maintenance access


  • Applications & Solutions

    Application scenarios

    • freely programmable open source component for automation or digitization
    • Controller for structure-borne sound analysis (in combination with our SSM-100)
    • field gateway, edge controller, compact PLC
    • Mesh controller and sink (wirepas massive)
    • Climate data acquisition, asset tracking, energy monitoring and device management

    learn more

    Our partner solutions:

    • Teamviewer IoT Agent
    • qBee Device Management
    • wirepas massive pure mesh connectivity
  • Software & Programming

    Programmability? No question!

    Our CTR-750 also speaks the languages of your employees. As a controller, it is freely programmable and configurable for all requirements and supports modern high-level languages as well as the execution of IEC 61131-3 PLC programs and Linux-based applications. As a basic component for your development, there are hardly any limits to your ideas.

    • C/C++, C#, Java, Python
    • Node-RED Runtime with sysWORXX specific nodes
    • OpenPCS integration IEC 61131-3
  • Personalization

    Our modules and controllers are flexibly adaptable to your needs:

    • White- & Brandlabel
    • individual assembly and design options

    Whether you need to serve a different form factor, temperature range or special environmental conditions - we have the basic technology

    for your solution!

  • Ordering information

    Art. No.



    sysWORXX CTR-750 incl. microUSB cable, antenna for LTE, 32GB microSD


    power supply & connection cable for lab or test use

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