Electronics Design

Complex circuit design for large component diversity

Manufacturing an electronic assembly with a low failure rate starts with an excellent design. At the same time, the demands on circuit design are constantly increasing: Electronic components are becoming increasingly complex and smaller, and circuit designs must combine an ever greater variety of components.

We develop a holistic, efficient electronics design for you. In doing so, we pay particular attention to:

Our electronic designs are cost optimized, manufacturing friendly, test oriented and EMC compatible. From platform research and circuit simulation to schematic design and printed circuit placement and layout, we are your competent, experienced partner.

We pay utmost attention to the reliability of your electronics. Different solution approaches and design variants are already compared and evaluated in the design process using statistical methods, such as the calculation of MTBF. In this way, we work with you to find the solution with the lowest failure rate.

Our requirements for outstanding electronics design

Quality is critical in the design process; this is where the foundation for reliability and low failure rates is laid. We have refined our design process over the years to develop electronic assemblies that are robust against external influences and component-related tolerances. We achieve this through a systematic approach, the use of proven circuit parts, and early testing of the assembly in the application environment.

The overall goal of our electronic designs is the longevity of your assemblies at low material costs.

  • Identification of critical parameters, depending on functions, tolerances, thresholds and scatter of the components as well as the disturbance variables of the application environment
  • Selection of the appropriate components for a smart circuit solution that is less susceptible to interference and as robust as possible
  • Circuit design and simulation based on disturbance and environmental variables

Our hardware developers test the prototypes in extensive test facilities and simulate faults as well as environmental influences. To detect potential faults at an early stage, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is also tested in our in-house laboratory.

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