Software Design

Flexible embedded software design

We develop complete solutions!

We develop customized, flexible solutions for your individual software requirements. In doing so, we can rely on an experienced team of software developers with extensive expertise. With the help of innovative development tools and programming strategies, we are also specialized in complex tasks.

At the beginning of a project we work out the functionalities of the future application together with you. Direct contact with our team of developers is particularly important to us, so that you can discuss your specific requirements in a professional manner.

The entire development process is characterized by our profound wealth of experience over decades, ongoing transparency, down-to-earth honesty, technical passion, our enormous ambition and the gripping curiosity to approach new projects. We believe that exactly these qualities are the best prerequisites for a cooperative partnership and the successful development of your future-oriented and high-performance software.
Through close coordination with you, the current development status is always completely transparent for you and you can actively shape the next development steps.

We want you to be satisfied. Satisfied with our work, the result and us as a partner.

  • Expertise in C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript and Python as well as M2M protocols like OPC UA andMQTT
  • Implementation of Linux kernel modules
  • Creation and maintenance of individual Linux BSPs (e.g. with Yocto)
  • Development of controllers for user programming according to IEC 61131-3
  • Ready-to-use software libraries, e.g. for motion control and CNC kernels
  • Extensive fieldbus know-how:
    - Ethernet/IP, Powerlink, CANopen, EtherCAT, Profinet, Profibus, Modbus
    - CiA member with over 25 years of development experience inCANopen
    - Own CANopen stack, continuously developed for over 20 years
  • Porting of (real-time) operating systems on customer specific hardware
  • FPGA design in VHDL
  • Application development and firmware design for customer specific devices

Our team of software and hardware developers works together on your holistic solution, so that you do not have any integration effort or incompatibilities with updates as well as security aspects.

Why an individual software design?

The term "individual software" refers to software that has been specifically designed and adapted to your individual requirements, functionalities and business process.
This contrasts with "standard software", which already exists and can be purchased or licensed ready-to-use.

With custom software, you are the architect of your own roadmap. You alone set the direction, actively shape your own future and determine the frequency and speed of your product cycles.

By the way: At SYS TEC, we rely on open source software components wherever possible. This guarantees you maximum independence, transparency and sovereignty.

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