Professional test setups

Planning and creation of test setups for your components

Whoever thinks that everything is done with the completion of the development - is mistaken. Because right now, the real work starts again. With an individual test station, every series device must be efficiently and reliably put through its paces to ensure that only fault-free products leave your plant. An exciting milestone for you as a customer, as well as for us.

Once development has been completed, whether at your site, at ours or externally, we design and implement professional, high-quality test setups for series testing of your components and devices. In doing so, we take care of all tasks for you. For the test stations we use automated board and device test procedures, which are primarily based onLabVIEW. These include, for example, theICT test (in-circuit test),boundary scan, programming,high voltage test (HV test),burn-in test and thefunction test. The test stations we create can also be used in your own production or by third-party suppliers.

When your devices are produced in our manufacturing facility, we use sophisticated and high-quality test procedures to ensure that your devices as well as systems function faultlessly and reliably. We provide you with complete technology consulting services to optimize your product, manufacturing equipment and manufacturing processes. The tests include:

By the way:
In addition to creating individual, professional test setups, we are also happy to support you in the technological optimization of your products for efficient and smooth series production ("Design for Manufacturing" and "Design to Cost"). Furthermore, our in-house EMC laboratory is available to you for tests accompanying development.


  • Calibrators
  • Programmable power supplies
  • Interface converters (e.g. USB-CAN, CAN-Ethernet, ...)
  • Programmable measuring devices
  • Switching matrices

A second component are the individual system components. They consist of mating points for the DUT, which cannot be realized with standard devices, and the test adapter, which contacts the DUT. These can be, among others, needle bed adapters, cable harnesses or plug-in boards. Our hardware is developed and manufactured in-house, from the circuitry to the mechanics.

Furthermore, a functional test station includes test software, which is also developed in-house. It realizes:

  • encapsulation of the complex tests in easy graphical user guidance
  • Visualization of the test steps
  • Execution of the automated tests for reproducibility
  • Data storage in the database and in log files

This enables statistical evaluations and the automated determination of key figures in real time. Test certificates can thus be created quickly and accurately. Quality and efficiency indicators such asFirst Pass Yield (FPY) and target/actual time comparisons can be called up at any time. This enables early detection for maintenance requirements(predictive maintenance).

With these three essential components, SYS TEC electronic has been successfully developingtest systems for electronics manufacturing for years and has consistently used them in its own series production. Thus, a modular test hardware with modular and framework-based software is available. Development times are short and the test systems are optimally adapted to the respective products. The modern, graphical operator guidance reduces the effort for the personnel to a minimum and decreases the risk for operating errors.

For many years, however, we have also been creating test systems that our customers use in their own production. You too can benefit from our experience, our know-how and our extensive test libraries, with which we can also develop your test station quickly and cost-effectively.

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