Development Kit sysWORXX SOM-1021

Trouble-free commissioning of the ECUcore-1021

Included are ECUcore-1021 SOM, Development Board & Software

The Development Kit ECUcore-1021 contains an ECUcore-1021 SOM, a Development Board and software required for a trouble-free commissioning of the ECUcore-1021. This allows you to quickly start your own software development based on the Freescale Layerscape LS1021A microcontroller. The Development Board provides access to the ECUcore-1021 via Gigabit Ethernet, one RS232 port, two CAN interfaces and one SD card. Self-created Boot-Images can be loaded using an SD card as boot device. Additionally, SPI and interrupt signals are available on a patch field to connect own circuits. A simple and straightforward design of the Development Board helps users to understand what is required to use the ECUcore-1021 in their own applications.

The DVD included with the Development Kit contains a ready-to-use virtual machine (VMware-based) with a pre-integrated cross toolchain and an Eclipse-based IDE for immediate start of own application development on the ECUcore-1021 SOM.

For users requiring additional high-speed interfaces such as mSATA, Serdes, PCIe, USB and display connectivity, please refer to our Application Kit ECUcore-1021, which offers significantly more out-of-the-box features on the Carrier Borard.

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