sysWORXX CANopen IO-X1

Compact & Cost-Effective Module with Industrial Proven I/Os

Extensive diagnostic functions ensure reliable and safe operation

The sysWORXX CANopen IO-X1 module is a very compact and cost effective CANopen I/O module with industrial proven I/Os.

The CANopen I/O module contains a CPU core including the pre-programmed firmware for the CANopen communication and the periphery for the industrial inputs and outputs. Extensive diagnostic functions ensure reliable and safe operation.

All inputs and outputs of the CANopen I/O module, as well as configuration parameters are accessible via the CANopen protocol.

The sysWORXX CANopen I/O module is a CANopen slave device according to the CANopen device profile CiA 401 V2.1 and the CANopen communication profile CIA 301 V4.02. Two LEDs indicate the device status according to CiA 303-3 V1.0.

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