Inspection & configuration of CANopen devices

Integrated CANopen master functionality with direct access to the object dictionary

[DeepL] sysWORXX CANopen Source Code

CANopen DeviceExplorer is a versatile tool for development, test, diagnosis and service tasks. The integrated CANopen master functionality allows inspection and configuration of CANopen devices by direct access to the Object Dictionary (OD) . The necessary information about the respective device is read from the electronic data sheet of the device (EDS or XDD format) or queried directly from the device via online access. Modified device configurations can be saved and loaded using the standardized DCF files (Device Configuration Files). In addition, the management of entire CANopen networks in project files is possible.

  • Advantages in hardware and software...

    The CAN Analyzer, which is already included in the standard version, corresponds to the functional scope of the CANinterpreter, which is also available separately. It allows the monitoring of the CAN bus in real time and thus supports the commissioning and diagnosis of the network. The user can display the messages transmitted on the bus both in the form of native CAN messages (CAN Layer 2) or interpreted accordingly as CANopen messages (Layer 7) . The optional recording of the data traffic allows a later offline analysis.

    The CANopen DeviceExplorer generates hardware timestamps that are generated by the sysWORXX USB CAN modules. Thus, a highly precise temporal representation of the message transfer on the CAN bus is possible. In combination with the Process Data Linker plug-in , the CANopen DeviceExplorer becomes an all-encompassing complete tool that covers all functionalities required for project planning, commissioning, analysis and troubleshooting.

    Extended Hardware Support
    SYS TEC electronic offers exceptional support for CAN bus interfaces from different vendors. You are not limited to a specific vendor.

  • Features / Details...

    [DeepL] CDE_Objectbrowser
    • Saving and loading of device and network configurations
    • Project-oriented network configuration based on CANopen EDS and DCF files
    • Online and offline access to the object dictionary of CANopen devices
    • Integrated CANopen master functionality: NMT commands (start/stop network), node monitoring (start/stop guarding & heartbeat), configuration of PDOs (mapping & communication parameters), reset of CANopen devices (reset communication,reset node)
    • Integrated CAN analyzer for monitoring the bus in real time: display of CAN telegrams (CAN Layer 2), interpretation of CANopen messages (CAN Layer 7)
    • Recording of CAN telegrams and later interpretation
    • Display and manual transmission of PDOs
    • Interpretation of CAN data according to user-specific specifications
    • Download of device and network configuration via CAN bus
    • Network scan for detection of devices connected to the bus
    • One-time or cyclic transmission of CAN messages or sequences
  • Add-ons...

    Further plug-ins can be licensed separately:

    CANopen DeviceExplorer PDL (Process Data Linker) plug-in
    completes the CANopen DeviceExplorer to an all-embracing tool for project engineering and commissioning of complex CANopen networks. The plug-in links process data objects of different devices with each other in corresponding PDOs. For this purpose, the necessary entries for communication and mapping parameters are created and stored in the DCF files of the devices involved. If desired, the configuration data can also be transferred immediately to the respective devices in Concise Storage Format and persistently stored there. With just a few clicks, the links between the devices can be defined. Detailed knowledge of CANopen is no longer required, making PDO linking much easier.

    CANopen DeviceExplorer SRDO plug-in
    contains an additional dialog for the CANopen DeviceExplorer and enables a consistent configuration of the CiA 304 compliant Safety Relevant Data Objects (SDRO) and thus a safe transmission of process data.

  • Documents & Downloads...

    CANopen DeviceExplorer User Manual pdf910 KBDownload
    CANopen DeviceExplorer for Linux P/N SO-1124 - Evaluation version 2.16.1 *Please note the shown plug-ins are not included in the version of CANopen DeviceExplorer. zip62 MBDownload
    CANopen DeviceExplorer for Windows P/N SO-1124 - Evaluation version 2.16.1 *Please note the shown plug-ins are not included in the version of CANopen DeviceExplorer. zip121 MBDownload
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    CANopen DeviceExplorer Basic Version


    Floating license (USB dongle) for CANopen DeviceExplorer for Windows / Linux, documentation


    CANopen DeviceExplorer Basic Bundle


    Floating license (USB dongle) for CANopen DeviceExplorer for Windows / Linux, USB-CANmodul1 with device drivers, cable, documentation


    CANopen DeviceExplorer PDL plug-in


    *Use of this plug-in requires CANopen DeviceExplorer - Software - Floating License


    CANopen DeviceExplorer SRDO plug-in


    *Use of this plug-in requires CANopen DeviceExplorer - Software - Floating license


    J1939 Interpreter plug-in


    *Use of this plug-in requires CANinterpreter - Software - Floating License

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