Multiplex PDO services

CANopen Add On according to CiA 301

[DeepL] sysWORXX CANopen Source Code

The MPDO add-on module provides multiplex PDO services according to CiA 301. A multiplex PDO is a special PDO which is used where more process data has to be transferred than "normal" PDOs are able to transfer. MPDO's are used for example with CANopen lifts (CiA 417).

To use the Add-On Module the CANopen Master Slave Stack or CANopen Manager Stack is required.

Properties / Details

Within a MPDO message the source address (Source Address Mode) or destination address (Destination Address Mode) of the data is transmitted by its respective index or subindex. Therefore 4 bytes per MPDO message are reserved for the data itself.

The common implementation of the MPDO Addon module supports the Destination Address Mode (DAM) function. Thus it supports a DAM creator and DAM receiver.

  • Target platforms...

    Overview of Supported Targets for download

  • Features / Details...

    • Source code for integration of CANopen functions and CANopen function blocks in IEC61131 systems
    • Supports PLC program download and PLC program debugging via CANopen
    • CiA 302 compliant CANopen Manager source code
    • complete source code of the CANopen Manager, Master and Slaves services including
    • an API for NMT Master and pur NMT Slave CANopen devices (useful for HMI devices)
    • high scalability and portability
    • implemented in plain ANSI C
    • seamlessly integrated SDO Manager and SRD Client for dynamic setup of SDO connections
    • completely transparent management of SDO clients
    • configuration manager using Concise DCFs (a compressed DCF format) to configure CANopen devices
    • automatic configuration of heartbeats or life/node guarding
    • multiple instance function - implement different logical CANopen devices on a single hardware platform
    • software maintenance and technical support free of charge for the first year
    • no license fees for used products
    • bundles (so called Value Packs) with complete set of fully activated CANopen tools are available
    • direct ANSI-C implementation and clear modularized structures support easy porting to new target platforms
    • Generic OS API suitable for integration into real-time operating systems
    • CANopen Manager protocol stack supports the communication layers for implementing all standardized CANopen device profiles
    • CAN driver source code for a variety of target systems
    • Unified CAN driver API for all supported CAN interfaces
    • High-resolution time stamps
  • Documents & downloads...

    CANopen Source Code - Product Data Sheet pdf2 MBDownload
    Target platforms - Supported targets pdf116 KBDownload
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    CANopen MPDO Add-on


    CANopen MPDO Add-on Source Code, Documentation, License Agreement


    (requires SO-877, SO-877-VP, SO-1063 or SO-1063-VP)

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