CANopen Manager Source Code CiA 302

Combination of NMT Master with additional functions

Standardized implementation of processes

[DeepL] sysWORRX CANopen Manager Source Code

A CANopen network usually consists of several units with different functionality. One main function is the NMT master which should exist in every CANopen network. Its task is to display and control the NMT status. Usually the CANopen unit that controls the system from the application point of view also implements the NMT master (e.g. a PLC).

The CANopen Manager combines - according to CiA 302 - the NMT Master with additional functionalities and implements processes in a standardized way, e.g. booting the network. This booting consists of the scan for suspected CANopen devices and their configuration by the configuration manager.

In addition, the CANopen Manager implements the SDO Manager, which is responsible for dynamically setting up the SDO connections. This means that when the system is installed, the SDO connections do not need to be configured. However, CANopen devices are able to request SDO connections to other devices during runtime. Those CANopen devices which are the counterpart to the SDO Manager are called "SDO requesting device". The SDO Manager assures that an SDO server of a CANopen device cannot be used by two SDO clients at the same time, if no SDO connections have been dynamically established by the CANopen device itself.

A CAN driver porting, the implementation of specific demo projects or the adaptation of the CANopen software to not directly supported processors can be done within a few days. Please contact SYS TEC for further information regarding available options and services.

  • Target platforms

    Overview of Supported Targets for download

  • Features / Details

    • CiA 302 compliant CANopen Manager source code
    • complete source code of the CANopen Manager, master and slave services included
    • same API for NMT Master and pur NMT Slave CANopen devices (useful for HMI devices)
    • high scalability and portability
    • implemented in plain ANSI C
    • seamlessly integrated SDO Manager and SRD Client for dynamic setup of SDO connections
    • completely transparent management of SDO clients
    • configuration manager using Concise DCFs (a compressed DCF format) to configure CANopen devices
    • automatic configuration of heartbeats or life/node guarding
    • multiple instance function - implement different logical CANopen devices on a single hardware platform
    • software maintenance and technical support the first year free of charge
    • no license fees for deployed products
    • bundles (so called Value Packs) with complete set of fully activated CANopen tools are available
    • direct ANSI-C implementation and clear modularized structures support easy porting to new target platforms
    • Generic OS API suitable for integration into real-time operating systems
    • CANopen Manager protocol stack supports the communication layers for implementing all standardized CANopen device profiles
    • CAN driver source code for a variety of target systems
    • Unified CAN driver API for all supported CAN interfaces
    • High-resolution time stamps
    • CiA 304 compliant CANopen Safety Protocol Extension (optional add-on)
    • CiA 402 device profiles for motion control and drives (optional add-on)
  • Modular, Scalable and Portable

    The consistent modularization of the functionalities and the implementation in ANSI-C allow easy porting on different target systems. Great importance was attached to scalability and performance. A highly optimized memory management and "Zero-Copy" implementation prevent unnecessary copying of data. With our CANopen Source you can realize cost-effective single-chip solutions as well as complex multi-channel master applications. For example, our CANopen Protocol Stack has been successfully ported to a DSP in addition to numerous microcontrollers.

    The CANopen stack is organized into individual modules. These modules can be integrated into a project or removed, depending on the required functionalities. The modularization prevents overlapping of functions (cross-call) by clearly assigning subordinate or superordinate modules (callback function). There are no cross-references of global variables between modules. A central software layer called "CANopen Controlling Module" (CCM) provides a simplified API of the CANopen functions on the application layer and controls the interactions of the individual modules. In addition, the hardware-specific implementation is clearly decoupled from the CANopen protocol stack, making it possible to port a new target platform with minimal effort.

  • No royalties on own products

    We offer an attractive pricing - you get the complete source code as well as sample projects as a buy-out license for an inexpensive one-time payment.

    The purchased license is site-bound and can be used by your developers at the site for various targets, projects and products. No further license fees are incurred.

    By extending the license , development partners and other locations of your company can also use the source code.

    Our update and support services can be extended annually - so your stack is always up-to-date.

  • Documents & downloads

    CANopen Source Code - Product Data Sheet pdf2 MBDownload
    CANopen User Manual abridged version pdf2 MBDownload
    CANopen DeviceExplorer for Linux P/N SO-1124 - Evaluation version 2.14.1 *Please note the shown plug-ins are not included in basic version of CANopen DeviceExplorer. zip49 MBDownload
    CANinterpreter for Linux P/N SO-1123 - Evaluation version 1.12.1 *Please note the shown plug-ins are not included in standard version of CANinterpreter zip44 MBDownload
    CANinterpreter for Windows P/N SO-1123 - Evaluation version 1.12.1*Please note the shown plug-ins are not included in standard version of CANinterpreter zip118 MBDownload
    CANopen DeviceExplorer for Windows P/N SO-1124 - Evaluation version 2.14.1 *Please note the shown plug-ins are not included in basic version of CANopen DeviceExplorer. zip120 MBDownload
    Introduction to CANopen general informationpdf233 KBDownload
    ODBuilder - Software Documentation pdf2 MBDownload
    ODBuilderII general informationpdf238 KBDownload
    Target platforms - Supported targets pdf48 KBDownload
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    CANopen Manager Source Code Value Pack


    CANopen Manager Protocol Stack Source Code, ODBuilderII, CANopen DeviceExplorer Full Version, Process Data Linker plug-in, USB-CANmodul1, documentation, site specific CANopen Stack company license without runtime costs incl. 12 months updates and support


    License extension for CANopen Stack


    for project-related, time-limited use by external development partner


    Support and updates SO-1063


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