CANopen CiA 304 SRDO Add-on

Safety-related communication

Development of safety-relevant CANopen devices

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The CANopen CiA 304 SRDO Add-on supports all services and functionalities according to the CiA 304 V1.0 - CANopen Framework for safety relevant communication. It enables the development of safety relevant CANopen devices or applications based on SRDOs(Safety Relevant Data Objects). The CANopen CiA 304 SRDO Add-on as a basis for implementations in the CANopen safety area has already proven itself in a large number of industrial applications.

To use the add-on module the CANopen Master Slave Stack or CANopen Manager Stack is required.

Features / Details

SRDO (Safety Relevant Data Objects) allow a safe transmission of process data just like PDO. To fulfill safety requirements the SRDO have special characteristics and transmission behavior. A SRDO consists of two CAN messages(redundancy), which are transmitted cyclically with inverted data content, different CAN identification and a strict transmission time. On the consumer side the SRDOs are controlled and monitored for their transmission time, sequence order and data consistency.

The CANopen SRDO Add-on additionally contains the SRDO Plugin for the CANopen DeviceExplorer, which allows the consistent configuration of "Safety Relevant Data Objects" (SRDO) of CANopen devices.

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    CANopen SRDO Add-on


    CANopen SRDO Add-on Source Code, SRDO Plug-in for CANopen DeviceExplorer, Documentation, License Agreement


    (requires SO-877, SO-877-VP, SO-1063 or SO-1063-VP)

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