sysWORXX CAN-Ethernet Gateway V2

Integration of CAN buses into existing Ethernet technology

Use as universal PC CAN interface as well as for coupling CAN networks via Ethernet

[DeepL] sysWORXX CAN-Ethernet Gateway

The CAN Ethernet Gateway enables the integration of CAN buses into an existing Ethernet topology. It is thus suitable both as a universal PC CAN interface and for coupling CAN networks via Ethernet. CAN messages are transmitted directly on layer 2 level - and thus protocol-independent . This allows the CAN Ethernet Gateway to be used for various high layer protocols, such as CANopen, DeviceNet or SDS. Access via Ethernet is possible via TCP as well as UDP.

The CAN Ethernet Gateway is based on a powerful ARM9 controller, which ensures a high data throughput even with several CAN interfaces active at the same time. By using Linux as operating system, the user can run own programs in parallel to the gateway application. Sophisticated filter and trigger mechanisms allow user tasks to be called directly on the gateway as a targeted response to specific events.

Easily configurable filters ensure a reasonable restriction of the CAN messages to be transmitted. A time stamp is assigned to each CAN message, which ensures temporal transparency during message transmission. The CAN Ethernet Gateway can manage several Ethernet connections simultaneously , thus enabling the creation of complex network structures.

The device can be configured either via Ethernet or via USB.

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