Dynamic OD Add-on

Implementation of dynamic object dictionaries according to CiA 302

Replacement, extension, modification of existing parts of an object directory

[DeepL] sysWORXX CANopen Source Code

With the Dynamic OD Add-on you implement dynamic object dictionaries according to CiA 302. Dynamic OD Add-On provides the functionality to replace, extend or modify existing parts of an object dictionary during runtime(e.g. PDOs, process data).

The ADD-on module contains a PC tool to generate required binary code from standard DCF source data. The tool is available as executable version (exe) or as library file (dll), thus an easy integration of DCF conversions into own applications is possible.

To use the Add-On Module the CANopen Master Slave Stack is required. The CANopen Manager Stack already contains the Add On.

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    CANopen Dynamic Object Dictionary Add-on


    Dynamic OD Add-on Source Code, DCFparser DLL for binary segment generation of DCF (Windows), Documentation, License Agreement


    (requires SO-877, SO-877-VP)(already included in SO-1063)

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