Embedded automation

Motion control for machine tools

Solution for an extremely robust motion controller

The motion sequence of a machine is highly complex and innovative systems are required to implement customer-specific solutions dynamically and in line with performance requirements. SYS TEC electronic has developed a robust motion control board for use in machine tools. The controller is programmable in C/C++ and allows synchronous operation of up to 8 axes with a cycle time of 50µs.

  • Motion controller 4-axis

    Motion controller 4-axis

  • Motion controller 8-axis

    Motion controller 8-axis

To achieve the required 50µs synchronization cycle, several CPUs work together via a bus system. Each of these CPUs takes over dedicated subtasks. A simple API encapsulates the access to all device resources and the motion functionality. The user application thus always has full control over the behavior of the system as well as the real-time characteristics. A number of different hardware and software measures protect the design from unauthorized copying or theft.

During the development phase, the devices are subjected to extensive climatic, mechanical and EMC tests. SYS TEC electronic mass-produced the controller after developing and testing the prototypes. For quality assurance in series production, a product-specific automated test setup was created to calibrate the analog circuit parts and functionally test the device.

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