sysWORXX CANopen Chip CoC-100

Next Generation - the new CANopen Chip CoC-100

Reliable communication - CAN FD tolerant & powerful

Like its predecessor, the sysWORXX CANopen Chip F40, the new sysWORXX CANopen Chip CoC-100 is a completely ready-to-use plug-in module (SOM) with pre-programmed CANopen firmware for controlling decentralized CAN nodes. The integrated standard DIP-40 connector forms the interface to the target hardware and makes the sysWORXX CANopen Chip CoC-100 a versatile communication interface.

With up to 7 I/O configurations, it provides an extensive selection of usable digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs and PWM outputs. The on-board setting options allow flexible module configuration. The sysWORXX CANopen Chip CoC-100 is a CANopen slave device according to the CANopen device profile CiA DSP 401 V3.1.0 and CANopen communication profile CiA 301 V4.2.0 (tested with the CiA Conformance Test Tool. LEDs indicate the device status according to CiA 303-3 V1.4.

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