sysWORXX CANopen Chip CoC-100

Next Generation - the new CANopen Chip CoC-100

Reliable communication - CAN FD tolerant & powerful

[DeepL] sysWORXX CANopen Chip

Like its predecessor, the sysWORXX CANopen Chip F40, the new sysWORXX CANopen Chip CoC-100 is a completely ready-to-use plug-on module (SOM) with pre-programmed CANopen firmware for controlling decentralized CAN nodes. The integrated standard DIP-40 connector forms the interface to the target hardware and makes the sysWORXX CANopen Chip CoC-100 a versatile communication interface.

With up to 7 I/O configurations, it provides a comprehensive selection of usable digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs as well as PWM outputs. The on-board setting options allow flexible module configuration. The sysWORXX CANopen Chip CoC-100 is a CANopen slave device according to the CANopen device profile CiA DSP 401 V3.1.0 and CANopen communication profile CiA 301 V4.2.0 (tested with the CiA Conformance Test Tool. LEDs indicate the device status according to CiA 303-3 V1.4.

Test our new CANopen chip in your existing application!

  • Key Features & Advantages

    KPIs / Key Features

    • FD tolerant
    • Future-proof operation by using the NXP S32K142 controller
    • Usable in 5V or 3.3V operation
    • Higher accuracy of the AD converter - 12 bit
    • CANopen bootloader for firmware update via CAN bus


    • new powerful CPU NXP S32K142 (more CAN buffer)
    • Integration Layer setting services (LSS) according to CANopen standard CiA DSP 305
    • analog inputs with higher resolution: 12 bit (compared to 10 bit on F40)
    • Design optimized in terms of production technology
    • The CPU is available as pre-programmed chip for customer specific design-in under the designation sysWORXX CANopen µChip CoC-100
    • cost-effective communication interface
  • Compatibility with CANopen ChipF40

    • Size and pin assignment identical: can be integrated one-to-one in the existing design on the hardware side
    • Existing customer application can be adopted
    • integration of new CANopen standard
    • bit rate compatibility
    • compatibility of CANopen device profile
    • Configuration via any CANopen tool
    • Sample available in basic design with 5 V
    • in 3.3 V designs usable in the article variant with TI TCAN337 transceiver
  • Configuration

    [DeepL] Configuration options CoC-100
  • Custom extensions and adaptations

    You have a product idea for which the sysWORXX CANopen Chip CoC-100 seems interesting, but special functions for use in your application are still missing? Talk to us, we will gladly support you in adapting our hardware and software to your needs. Of course SYS TEC electronic is also at your disposal for design development, technological support, series production and production.

  • Documents & downloads

    Development Kit CANopen Chip CoC-100 - Quickstart Manual pdf547 KBDownload
    sysWORXX CANopen Chip CoC-100 - System Manual pdf1 MBDownload
    EDS file - sysWORXX CANopen Chip CoC-100 P/N SO-1134 - Package includes the "Electronic Data Sheet" (EDS) for the sysWORXX CANopen Chip CoC-100 module zip43 KBDownload
  • Ordering information


    Part No.



    sysWORXX CANopen Chip CoC-100 5V


    I/O module in DIP40 package, -40°C to 85°C, S32K142


    sysWORXX CANopen Chip CoC-100 3V3


    I/O module in DIP40 package, -40°C to 85°C, S32K142


    sysWORXX CoC-100 µChip LQFP64


    -40°C to 85°C, S32K142


    development board DIPmodul 5V


    incl. base board for development and commissioning


    Development board DIPmodul 3V3


    incl. base board for development and commissioning

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