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Test unit for electronic braking systems

There is a constant search for new, forward-looking ideas to make our roads safer. Brake, chassis and safety systems are essential for this. In this field of application SYS TEC electronic has developed a test unit for electronic brake systems - the XMS-Box.

In practice, the brake electronics of modern vehicles are networked with other control units via serial bus systems and can be diagnosed. The XMS-Box is connected to the PC via USB interface. This creates a real-time capable controller on ISO-K as well as CAN, which also serves as a level converter RS232/ISOK. This allows realistic driving situations to be simulated via PC and the brakes to be subjected to various tests.

  • XMS-Box: Test unit for electronic braking systems

    XMS-Box: Test unit for electronic brake systems

  • XMS box module top side

    XMS box module top side

  • XMS Box Module Bottom

    XMS box module bottom

The XMS-Box is also capable of transferring the test patterns to the braking system standalone (i.e. without a PC). In doing so, the test patterns previously prepared on the PC are stored in the XMS-Box. The response data of the braking system can be stored in the XMS-Box and subsequently read out and evaluated by a PC. The user has control over the working status of the XMS-Box at any time via buttons and status LEDs.

The engineers of SYS TEC electronic further developed a software for the parameterization of the device functions and drivers for Windows, which realize an interface to the existing test programs. When updates are made to the PC software, the firmware in the XMS box is also automatically updated so that both parts are always compatible. After a prototype production, the XMS-Box is produced in the serial production of SYS TEC electronic.

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