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Transport & Railway Technology

Individual control solutions for machines & applications

Our customers are always looking for very specific control solutions for their machines or applications. Often these solutions are not available on the market and have to be individually developed as well as manufactured. SYS TEC electronic's engineers accompany the process from the first draft to the complete requirement profile or from prototype to serial production. In short, from the initial idea to the installation of the controls in the machines or the implementation of the application.

Communication and control systems

With the steadily increasing range of multimedia services for customers and passengers in the transport sector, the requirements for communication systems in railroad technology are increasing dramatically. Due to the limited space available, a compact and highly integrated system solution is required.

We develop complex modular communication and control systems for you, for example for use in rail vehicles. In doing so, we naturally pay attention to the respective individual requirements of our customers, such as the housing arrangement specially designed for optimum heat distribution and dissipation, a CPU module, a digital power supply and a range of I/O modules.

Safety and reliability are also top priority: SYS TEC electronic's control systems have been optimized to the best possible extent for the operationally safe functionality of industrial applications. An integrated on-board diagnostic system monitors operationally important processes, temperature and voltage supply in order to detect threatening situations and to be able to react to imminent critical states at an early stage (predictive mainteance).

Gigabit Ethernet - WLAN router for railroad applications

With the development of the modular train communication system, SYS TEC electronic has succeeded in designing a device that makes use of the VoIP and multimedia software packages available under Linux and the ix86 platform. These are specially adapted to the requirements of railroad applications. A detailed description of this reference can be found HERE.

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