Medical Technology

The application of IoT in medical technology

When treating patients, the necessary paper documents that accompany treatment are increasingly being supplemented by electronic systems and replaced by them. Data-generating measuring devices send their data, assigned to the patient and encrypted, to central computers or anonymized to cloud applications. Data is collected and securely transmitted with the help of microcontrollers that operate in a network. At any location, this data is available to physicians and nursing staff. Authorization and encryption techniques prevent unauthorized access to the data by third parties.

The seamless recording of data from anamnesis to post-clinical treatment by the general practitioner can ensure correlations of clinical pictures. No detail is lost. Electronic processing minimizes possible sources of error in entries and the management of patient data. If the data records are linked to automatic control instances, important accompanying checks can run in parallel. For example, it can be objectively determined when the patient received which dosage of a drug. With the help of anonymized evaluation, statistical correlations as well as random results can be evaluated and correlated. If one closes the circle to the anamnesis here, the present symptoms to possible illnesses can be diagnosed better and more purposefully.

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