SYS TEC @ CLT2022: Fully distributed

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Fully distributed working on and with Linux for more free software: A tool presentation.

March 12 and 13, 2022 virtually as an online event.

At SYS TEC electronic AG, we place great emphasis on effective and efficient customer-specific solutions. In doing so, we rely on several decades of experience in hardware development and on our know-how from the multitude of optimized customer software. In most projects a lean firmware based on Linux serves as a stable basis. We build this with the help of the successful Yocto Project.

To keep all adjustments, features and bugs in the source code under control, a tool for version management is essential. We use the Linux kernel as well as the Yocto Project and Git.

As is well known, flexibility always goes hand in hand with complexity - and Git is no exception. The command line for Git is not only powerful, but also partially opaque. Almost every developer has gotten lost in the Git command line at some point. Many GUI version control tools are either too bloated, slow, or don't work on all platforms. Thus, there is no panacea and choosing the 'best tool' as a middle ground between CLI and GUI is always a personal decision.

As individual as the solutions are implemented for our customers, as flexible we also want to design the daily work of our employees. This includes the free choice of the operating system as well as the tools for development and version management.

In the presentation"Magically convenient version management: Git with Magit" (Sunday 6:00 p.m.), our colleague Frieder Schlesier will present one of his favorite OpenSource tools from his everyday work.

Magit includes the full functionality for Git with easy-to-learn, logical shortcuts. Helpful context-specific interfaces make work easier in an almost magical way.

All common use cases for Git are quickly at hand with just a few keyboard shortcuts. Custom modes and tidy layouts help with merging and interactive rebasing. Commit comments and explanations are easily written in the familiar text editor - all with less typing than in the command line.

Visit us at our booth at the CLT between 12 and 2 pm for discussion sessions on Magit and other short talks and discussions on topics such as: SocketCAN + Docker or "shortcuts" in Git.

Are you interested in custom electronics solutions or custom controller software based on Linux? Contact us.

Are you interested in Linux and/or electronics and would like to not only improve your programming skills during your (mandatory) internship and during or after your thesis, but also customize your everyday work with free software tools? Contact for students.