Customized electronics service

The right E²MS solution for your requirement

Customized electronics service

Our customers are always looking for unique, specific control solutions for their machines or applications. Often these solutions are not available on the market and are therefore individually developed as well as manufactured by us.

SYS TEC electronic accompanies the process from the first draft to the complete requirement profile or from prototype to serial production. In short, from the initial idea to the installation of the controls in the machines or the implementation of the application. With the help of professional project management and experienced engineers as well as technology specialists, your project will be a success.

20-person development team from the areas of:

  • hardware

  • software

  • test systems and mechanics

The entire development process is characterized by our profound wealth of experience over decades, continuous transparency, down-to-earth honesty, technical passion, our enormous ambition and the gripping curiosity to approach exciting projects. We believe that these qualities are the best prerequisites for a cooperative partnership and the successful development of your future-oriented and high-performance application.

We want you to be satisfied. Satisfied with the result, our performance and us as a partner.


Our core competencies:

  • Circuit design, circuit simulation
  • Layout, thermal simulation
  • Embedded software in C/C++ (bare-metal, RTOS)
  • Linux Board Support Packages (BSP)
  • CAN / CANopen

The development process:

  • Adaptation of the methodology to the customer (from V-model to agile)
  • Transparency through regular exchange of information (minimization of risks and undesirable developments)
  • Use of joint repositories with the customer

SYS TEC as an individual partner:

  • Specification (requirements specification / functional specification)
  • Individual development (hardware and software)
  • In-house tests during development (own EMC laboratory, climate chamber, measurement technology)
  • Prototypes and series launch
  • Series production


We offercustomized services:

  • Application development (C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Node-RED, IEC 61131-3)
  • Integration of communication protocols and stacks: (MQTT, OPC UA, CAN/CANopen, Modubus-RTU/TCP, Wirepas Mesh, ...)
  • GUI development (Qt, HTML/JavaScript, .NET WindowsForms)

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