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We are SYS TEC electronic

We are your provider for high-quality electronics services "Made in Germany". Our team is specialized in the development and manufacturing of customized electronics solutions for embedded systems and distributed automation. In addition to a holistic view of system development, we are characterized by over 30 years of experience in the development and implementation of industrial hardware and software solutions.

Our system solutions are modular and flexible. In the development of customized concepts, we rely on proven partial solutions with defined and open interfaces. This ensures high reliability combined with flexibility and interoperability. Modularity and scalability characterize both our hardware and software components. Our powerful SYS TEC team - one third of which are development engineers - is focused on the realization of your product ideas.

We manufacture large and medium series as well as small series and prototypes with highest demands on quality. The development team accompanies the series production including the corresponding tests. The system modeling as well as the development methods are subject to constant further development.

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