Node-RED for remote monitoring and data monitoring

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How SYS TEC electronic uses the tool for the IoT TeamViewer Remote solution.

Recently, the IoT TeamViewer Remote solution has been pre-installed in each of our edge controllers, the sysWORXX CTR-700. This conveniently allows our customers to combine remote access and control with remote monitoring, and also to collect and process non-local data. To further simplify the use of the remote solution, programming via Node-RED was enabled. SYS TEC electronic colleague Nicole Melzer reports about her work with Node-RED within the cooperation with TeamViewer.

Nicole, what exactly do you mean by Node-Red?

Node-RED refers to a graphical development tool that has been around since 2015 and, among other things, realizes the simple connection of hardware devices and cloud services using graphical data flow.

Where is the connection between Node-RED and IoT Partner solution with TeamViewer?

The goal of the programming in our case is to facilitate the use of the TeamViewer agent, i.e. their interface. Because in order to be able to send data to the TeamViewer cloud, you need some settings, which users had to provide manually until now. With the help of the nodes we developed, this process is now simplified. We use TeamViewer's SDK (Software Development Kit), which receives our data and passes it on to its interface.

And what exactly was your task in this?

I wrote the nodes necessary for this. This makes the creation and configuration easier and faster. Node-RED is designed to simplify things and represent them graphically, and thanks to this process, no programming knowledge is required on the part of the user.

What was the challenge for you in this topic?

My personal challenge was the initial lack of knowledge. I hadn't worked much with Node-RED and JavaScript before, so it wasn't an everyday topic for me. However, it was really enjoyable to learn about and work with the development tool because getting started with Node-RED was intuitive and therefore easy.

What do you think are the advantages of Node-RED?

No programming knowledge is required and you get results with just a few clicks. In addition, it is easy to understand, you can quickly find your way around and there are already numerous nodes that can be used very easily. In addition, it is easy to develop your own nodes to adapt Node-RED to individual needs.