New release for CANopen


Version V5.69 now available

For customers with an active support contract, the download of version V5.69 is now available in the CANopen Stack in the download area.


  • Comprehensive support for simultaneous use of master and slave functionality on a multi-instance capable target
  • NMT Master/Slave as well as LSS Master/Slave simultaneously executable on one target
  • Multi-instance capable MPDO Add-On with SAM Producer/Consumer and DAM Producer/Consumer
  • Multi-instance capable CiA 402 Add-On with operating system support
  • CANopen Bootloader Examples including demo application for STMicroelectronics STM32F1xx to STM32F7xx and NXP S32K14x microcontrollers
  • CANopen .NET Flashtool GUI for firmware download in connection with the CANopen Bootloader
  • Support of further targets like: - Infineon XMC4500 Relax Kit

- STMicroelectronics STM32H743
- NXP S32K142
- NXP S32K146
- NXP MKE06Z128
- TI TMS320F28379D

  • Support for Segger embOS V5 API
  • Support of Keil RTX5 API V1 and API V2
  • Support of further PC CAN interfaces from Kvaser and Vector
  • CANopen Conformance Test using CiA Conformance Test Tool V3.0.3.8
  • Several major and minor bugfixes

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