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AI workshop for our development team

Our development team took the opportunity to think outside the box again at the AI workshop on Data Science. Although already familiar with the topic, the day-long workshop led by Prof. Mike Espig covered relevant technologies, methods and procedures for Data Science projects.

Thanks to sufficient nourishment and coffee, the feedback from colleagues after seven hours was very positive:

"The workshop was absolutely great, it was thematically really exciting and also the relaxed atmosphere and lecture style were very good."- Christian Sch., Applications Engineer -

"Overall, it was a very successful event and I take a lot of new understanding with me. You always need that in software development to stay on the ball. Customers are also showing more and more interest in using AI technologies. In order to be able to communicate with them at eye level, this knowledge is indispensable." -Andreas D., Software Engineering -

"Some of the contents were not quite so foreign to me, nevertheless I was able to expand my understanding and also got to know new things. Especially the libraries in the practical part were a welcome gain in knowledge." - Andre' W., -Software Engineering -