Component bottleneck? Circuit board empty? - We know what to do!

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Substitution of non-deliverable controllers through hardware redesign and software porting.

Are bottlenecks in the supply chain for electronic components having a negative impact on your business? Are you looking for a way to noticeably improve your procurement situation?

As a producer of high-quality electronic assemblies, we know all too well the situation that poses major challenges for many of our customers. We offer you solutions to manufacture your assemblies on time and on budget and to prevent delivery times of up to 24 months in some cases.

  • short-term evaluation of alternative components
  • Fast and efficient system adaptations:
    • Substitution of controllers by available alternatives
    • Fit- Form- Function compatible re-design of your hardware
    • Porting, adaptation and optimization of software
  • All-round service
    • Experienced engineers and technologists
    • Test equipment for EMC, In Circuit Test (ICT), boundary scan, burn-in function test, terminal test, high voltage test, insulation test or stress tests in our climate chamber
  • Non-binding optimization proposals!
  • Well-established obsolescence and life cycle management processes

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