Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Flexible, on-time, high quality production of complex modules

We offer our customers from various industries a comprehensive service for their electronics products. Our strength is the flexible and deadline-compliant production of complex assemblies under the highest quality standards. We assume responsibility for the production of your product, from material procurement and logistics through to device assembly, sales packaging and automated labelling of your equipment and systems.

In our air-conditioned, ESD-compliant production facility, assemblies are manufactured according to your specifications. Our qualified specialists ensure precision in the assembly of printed circuit boards. This includes the operation of the modern SMT assembly machines (surface mounted technology) as well as manual THT assembly (through-hole technology) and automated soldering. SMT components are processed on pure SMT boards or in mixed assembly with wired THT components.

Quality assurance at SYS TEC electronic is a key part in every phase of the project, from the initial designs to development, prototyping and electronics production. Visual inspection by means of modern AOI workplaces (automatic optical inspection) and X-ray diagnostics are used to assess the manufacturing quality of assembled and soldered components on the printed circuit board. Using ICT testing (in-circuit testing), Boundary Scan, HV testing (high-voltage testing) and burn-in testing, the items are once again tested for functional reliability. Final quality checks are performed with tools such as first-article inspection (FAI), and functional testing and commissioning are carried out on all assemblies that leave our premises.

Surface sealing via lacquer is also used at our technology park to protect printed circuit boards. This method ensures the functions and properties of your electronic assemblies under difficult environmental conditions, thus increasing their service life.

Our comprehensive quality assurance ensures that your electronics work the way you want them to – and keep doing so over a long period of time.

Series production at SYS TEC electronic GmbH – parameters

SYS TEC electronic has been producing its customised assemblies for more than 27 years and can draw on a wealth of experience of quality assurance test systems.

The power spectrum in the SMT assembly enables the assembly of constructions such as 0201 and micro BGAs. For the wired components, the automatic selective soldering method is used, enabling reproducible solder joints of consistent quality. Nitrogen is used to support the soldering process and to store moisture-sensitive components. For this, we use powerful storage software that supports traceability up to the manufacturer’s batch.

The flexibility of the production line even makes it possible to equip small quantities with the serial technology, starting at one assembly (e.g. a prototype). Thus the potential for optimal series production is already ensured at the prototype stage. Via to the close connection of the development engineers with the production engineers, close attention is paid to design for manufacturing. Before the electrical test, visual inspection is carried out with the support of an automatic optical inspection system (AOI). Depending on requirements, the scope of the test can be supplemented with items such a calibrator or run-in (with a temperature test chamber).

By supporting our customers individually, short-term changes are possible right up to the point of delivery – professionally and on-time.

Thanks to traceability, strict adherence to the ESD standards, our qualified personnel and the certified processes, production is designed for all areas of electronics, from PCBs to complex devices. This also applies to security-related projects.

The most important parameters at a glance:

  • State-of-the-art production conditions
  • Traceability up to the manufacturer’s batch
  • Storage of sensitive components and boards with nitrogen
  • Paste printing with optical position control and automatic template cleaning
  • SMD assembly up to 0201, μBGA, FinePitch from 0.3mm up to 55x55mm; power 13,000 components per hour, accuracy 0.035mm; intelligent feeder = no confusion regarding components
  • Flexible production starting at 1 unit (prototypes)
  • Automatic selective soldering for reproducible solder joints on the THT components within complex SMT
  • Soldering using nitrogen for leaded and unleaded components
  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI) of each printed circuit board
  • Functional test of each assembly, also with calibration, burn-in (temperature test chamber), Boundary Scan and software installation
  • Preparation of a production-orientated design via close collaboration between engineers in the development and production departments
  • Development engineers have direct access to the production department
  • Monitoring of products from development and prototypes to series production
  • Assumption of responsibility for assembly services
  • Production of safety-related devices, including in-house development according to class 3 IPC-A-610
  • Certification according to ISO-9001, continuous ESD protection, full service from procurement to delivery

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