sysWORXX CANopen IO-C12

CANopen IO device for expanding your automation system

Low space requirements with a large number of digital inputs and outputs

The CANopen IO-C12 is a compact CANopen I/O extension module with outstanding performance. It makes accessible a well thought out compilation of industrial proven I/O - including 4 relay outputs - via CANopen network variables and combines it with features of network management and node guarding in a compact DIN-rail mountable case. Clearly arranged LED indicate the status of every I/O at the first glance. Removable terminal blocks enable easy deployment and exchange of modules.

For use in decentralized applications, you can easily and quickly expand your automation system with the CANopen IO-C12 IO device.

The CANopen IO-C12 has a CPU core including the pre-programmed firmware for CANopen communication and the peripherals for the industrial inputs and outputs. Extensive diagnostic functions ensure reliable and safe operation.

All inputs and outputs of the CANopen IO device as well as configuration parameters are accessible via the CANopen protocol. The CANopen IO-C12 is a CANopen slave device according to the CANopen device profile CiA 401 and the CANopen communication profile CIA 301 V4.02. LEDs indicate the device status according to CiA 303-3 V1.0.

Module Features

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Size (LxWxH)



0 to 50°C (optionally extended temperature range)

Humidity10 to 95% non-condensing (VDE 0110)
Weightca. 350g

Installation Method

DIN-rail mounting

Enclosure Protection ClassIP20

Power Supply

Operating Voltage

2x 24VDC ± 20% (separate power supply for IO's and CPU)

Current ConsumptionTypical 100mA (without connected I/O's)
I/O Interfaces 


24 (galvanic isolated)

DO 24VDC, 0,5 A


Relay Outputs 250VAC, 3 A

4 (3 NO, 1 charger)

Analog Inputs

4 (configurable: 0...10VDC, 10-Bit resolution)

Analog Outputs2 (configurable: 0...10VDC, max. 30mA, 10-Bit resolution short circuit proof)
PWM 24VDC, 0,5A2
Status LEDsPower
 Modul Status
 I/O Status

CANopen Features

  • communication profile according to CiA 301
  • device profile according to CiA 401
  • condition indicators according to CiA 303-3 V1.0
  • Layer Setting Service (LSS) according to CiA 305 V1.1
  • 3 TPDO / 3 RPDO
  • dynamic PDO-Linking and Mapping
  • SDO-Server
  • Life guarding, Node guarding, Heartbeat Producer / Consumer
  • Emergency Producer
  • variable, dynamc PDO-Mapping
  • SDO-Server
  • SYNC-Consumer
  • TPDO transmission asynchronous, synchronous, event driven, cyclic, acyclic or on remote request
  • Event Timer and Inhibit Timer for TPDO

Communication and device configuration:

  • galvanically decoupled high-speed CAN bus interface, CAN bus driver supports up to 64 nodes on one bus
  • HEX-encoding switches for setting node ID and baud rate
  • CAN bus Bit rate: 10kBit / s to 1Mbit / s
  • CAN high / low short circuit proof to 24V
  • High-quality plug (included)
  • RS232 interface, used for firmware update
  • non-volatile memory for storing the configuration data


sysWORXX CANopen IO-C12 - System Manual
pdf 422 KB Download
sysWORXX CANopen I/O modules - Product Flyer
pdf 987 KB Download


EDS file - CANopen IO-C12
P/N SO-1044 - Package includes the "Electronic Data Sheet" (EDS) for the CANopen IO-C12 module
zip 5 KB Download
Firmware CANopen IO-C12 Art.Nr. phyPS-409-Y
Release version 1.18
zip 55 KB Download

Ordering Information

Delivery contents / order number

Assembled and tested module, Connectors, Documentation, EDS-file, Demoversion of the CANopen configuration tools on CD

Available order numbers:

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P / N Description

CANopen IO-C12

27 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, 4 relay outputs, 4 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs and 2 PWM outputs


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