sysWORXX CANopen ChipF40

Ready-to-use plug-on module with pre-programmed CANopen firmware

Versatile communication interface with standard DIP-40 connector

[DeepL] sysWORXX CANopen ChipF40

The SYS TEC CANopen Chip F40 is a completely ready-to-use, very cost-effective plug-on module (SOM) with pre-programmed CANopen firmware for controlling decentralized CAN nodes. The integrated standard DIP-40 connector forms the interface to the target hardware and makes the CANopen Chip a versatile communication interface.

Up to 7 I/O configurations provide a comprehensive selection of usable digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs as well as PWM outputs. The on-board hardware setting options allow flexible module configuration.

The CANopen Chip F40 is a CANopen Slave Device according to CANopen device profile 401 and CANopen communication profile 301 V4.02 (Certified according to CiA conformance Test - Certificate CiA200002-301V30/11-013, Vendor 00 00003Fh). LEDs indicate the device status according to 303-3 V1.0.

Customer specific extensions and adaptations
Do you have a product idea for which the CANopen Chip F40 seems interesting, but special functions for the use in your application are still missing? Talk to us, we will be glad to support you in adapting our hardware and software to your needs.

  • Module features



    Size (LxWxH)

    58.7mm x 24.0 mm x 11.8 ±0.3 mm


    approx. 10.5g

    Operating temperature

    -40 to +85°C

    Storage temperature

    -40 to +90°C


    10 to 95% non-condensing (VDE 0110)

    Pinheader pitch

    2,54 mm, Ø 0,47mm, pin length 3,2 mm




    Fujitsu MB90F352 16-bit microcontroller




    EEPROM to store configuration data



    PWM outputs

    see digital outputs for details


    PWM frequency: max. 21kHz (CAN>10kbit)


    PWM frequency: max. 11.5kHz (CAN=10kbit)


    40pin dual inline IC socket, pitch 2.54 x 15.24


    Node-ID and baud rate via DIP switch or LSS, I/O configuration via DIP switch or entry in object dictionary


    I/O interfaces


    available I/O configuration

    digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs or PWM outputs selectable from 7 predefined I/O configurations (total 28 I/O pins available)

    digital outputs

    GND < L-level < 0.4V


    4.5V < H-level < VCC

    Digital inputs

    GND - 0.3V < L-level < 0.8V


    0.8 VCC < H-level < VCC + 0.3V

    Analog inputs

    input voltage: VAGND ... VREF


    logical resolution: 15-bit signed (OD value), physical resolution: 10-bit (see manual)


    Input capacitance: 10.7pF, Reference voltage: +2.7V ... VCC

    Power supply


    operating voltage

    5V ±10%

    Current consumption

    typ. 65mA, max. 140mA depending on wiring of I/Os and CAN



    CAN transceiver

    on-board PCA82C251, supports up to 100 nodes with one CAN bus

    CAN bitrate

    10kbit/s to 1Mbit/s

  • CANopen features

    • CANopen communication profile according to CiA Standard 301 V4.02
    • CANopen device profile according to CiA Standard DSP401
    • Status indicators according to CiA Standard 303-3 V1.0
    • Layer Setting Service (LSS) according to CiA standard DSP305
    • 4 TPDO and 4 RPDO
    • dynamic PDO linking and mapping
    • 2 SDO servers
    • Life Guarding, Node Guarding, Heartbeat
    • 5 Heartbeat Consumers
    • Emergency Producer
    • minimal boot-up capability
    • Vendor extension for use as NMT boot master
  • CANopen µChip version

    In addition to the CANopen Chip F40, there is also a CANopen µChip variant. This offers the full CANopen functionality of aCiA 401 compliant device in a single chip microcontroller solution. This CANopen Single Chip represents a ready-to-use CANopen Slave, pre-programmed with the latest CANopen firmware.

  • Documents & downloads

    CANopen ChipF40 - Product brochure pdf584 KBDownload
    CANopen ChipF40 - Product Data Sheet pdf111 KBDownload
    CANopen ChipF40 - System Manual pdf294 KBDownload
    CANopen µChip - Product Data Sheet pdf163 KBDownload
    Development Kit CANopen ChipF40 - Quickstart Guide pdf547 KBDownload
    EDS file - CANopen Chip F40 P/N SO-1057 - Package includes the "Electronic Data Sheet" (EDS) for the CANopen Chip F40 modulezip73 KBDownload
    EDS file - CANopen µChip P/N SO-1090 - Package includes the "Electronic Data Sheet" (EDS) for the CANopen µChip series zip36 KBDownload
  • Ordering information


    Part No.



    CANopen ChipF40, Standard Version


    CANopen µChip


    CANopen ChipF40 *


    (compatible to CANopen Chip 164 - MM-215-Y)


    Development Kit CANopen ChipF40


    CANopen ChipF40, Development Board, USB-CANmodul1, CAN-Bus cable for max. 5 CAN nodes, Power supply, SYS TEC Product CD ( including: Quickstart Manual, System Manual, Hardware Manual)


    * Availability on request

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