CANopen Safety Chip CSC02 Development Kit

Powerful Package to get into the CANopen Safety Technology

With the Development Kit CANopen Safety Chip CSC02 you have a powerful package to get into the CANopen Safety technology. The CSC02 development kit contains two pre-programmed demo-boards, whereby one contains an example application as sensor and the other as actuator.

All components for starting up a CANopen network are included in the kit. You can quickly put the harmonized components into operation. The CSC02 development kit provides basic experience in working with the CANopen safety chip. The accompanying in-depth demo-projects and the comprehensive documentation facilitate your start. Starting with these projects you can implement your own safety applications.

Features / Details

  • Extensive and comprehensive documentation including a Quickstart Manual
  • Documentation for CANopen CSC02 safety chip
  • Two pre-programmed demo-boards with CANopen Safety Chip CSC02
  • Demo projects for sensor and actuator
  • Demo version of the required development environment
  • USB-CAN interface for easy access to the CANopen nodes
  • CANopen Device Monitor for configuration of the CANopen Safety Chip CSC02 including SRDO configuration
  • CRC builder for convenient calculation of the CRC checksum required in the software
  • All micro-controller signals brought out to pin header bars


Expandable Development Boards
Expand the hardware according to your concepts. All signals of the micro-controller are brought out on pin headers. The demo boards include an exemplary circuit of an external watchdog and the simulation of a switch-off device. LEDs signal the function states. The communication between the boards and the PC is done using an USB-CAN interface.

Comprehensive software support
The accompanying version of the CANopen Device Monitor makes it possible to easily configure both CANopen nodes. The likewise accompanying demo-version of the required development environment enables the quick implementation of own user-applications. The CRC checksums required for the safety application are computed by the CRC-builder tool, which registers these immediately in the corresponding hex file.


Development Kit CANopen Safety Chip02 - Quickstart Manual
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