Santa Claus launches Internet of Christmas

Christmas Eve in Berlin: The table of the Meier family is festively set, the apartment is richly decorated and it smells wonderfully like Christmas. After the feast of the Christmas goose, the children expect their presents from Weihnachtsmann.

Christmas morning in Atlanta: The children of the Miller family wake up and are very excited. On quiet soles, they sneak into the living room to the large, colourfully decorated Christmas tree and see how many presents Santa Claus brought on Christmas night.

As are the children of the Meier and Miller family, many children are in the same situation. They want more and more bigger and more extravagant gifts. A challenge for Santa Claus: he now needs ever larger and more wonderful machines in order to fulfil the special wishes of the children.

Luckily, however, he has his elves watching Christmas trends and technologies all year round to keep up to date. These finally advise him to deal with the newly emerging Internet of Things (IoT). Santa Claus is convinced and searches for a consulting firm for Christmas 4.0 at "Wer liefert was an den Nordpol". Shortly thereafter, he discovers SYS TEC electronic in the tranquil Saxon village of Heinsdorfergrund.

With their experience and IoT know-how, the development engineers will design a tailor-made Internet of Christmas (IoC) for him.

Gift production at full speed

To produce the many fancy presents, Santa Claus has already automated gift production in recent decades and had a production line set up. His wonder machines can automatically read the children's wish lists in a flash, develop creative ideas from the received data, generate the gift within minutes and output it ready packed with a ribbon.

The machines are operated by the gnomes. They are trained wish fillers in the field of gifts. They have their hands full and are already working in a 3-shift system.

Joining the Internet of Christmas

Because of the enormously high capacity utilization, none of the machines may fail or generate false gifts. Mistakes such as the short-term production of Christmas presents with rabbit ears, as in the 2014 season, or packaging with wedding gift paper, as in 2015, must never happen again. Otherwise the punctual delivery of the correct Christmas packages would be jeopardized.

With the help of SYS TEC electronic and its in-house IoT ecosystem, the Internet of Christmas can be successfully entered. This enables all relevant machine data to be recorded on the gift production systems, some of which are hundreds of years old, and the machines to be networked. This enables them to communicate with each other and exchange data.

The digitalisation of the production processes simplifies the work of the gnomes. Annoying paperwork is a thing of the past, magical processes run even more efficiently and hard-working helpers are better able to cope with the high demands of ever-increasing gift production.

Predictive Maintenance & Condition Monitoring for gift production machines

For example, vibrations are now measured on the highly sensitive machines. The higher they are, the higher the probability that something is wrong.

In addition, the temperatures inside the machines or the fill levels of the raw material tanks, for example for magic dough, can be measured.

Via a mobile app on their IoC pads, the maintenance gnomes receive automatic messages and error descriptions if a machine shows an error or the measured machine data show minimal changes.

Continuous condition monitoring and predictive maintenance ensure that gift production runs smoothly. This avoids serious breakdowns or seasonal mix-ups of the miracle machines. A happy Christmas is guaranteed.

Both the children of the Meier family in Berlin and the Miller family in Atlanta can again trust that they will receive their gifts on time in 2018 - thanks to Christmas 4.0.

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