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Tracking people in care

Find people in care in realtime by using personal tracking

There are currently around 1.6 million people with dementia living in Germany. Demographic changes are adding a further 300,000 to this total every year. Unfortunately, the symptoms of their condition often mean that these people become disoriented, and do not know exactly where they are or how to get home. Relatives and carers are faced with the challenge of finding the people in their care. SYS TEC electronic and Wirepas have developed a technology that can be used to track people in care.

It sends the coordinates via Bluetooth to a gateway where the data is converted, transported to the cloud or MQTT server and saved. The saved data is visualised using Node-RED or the Node-RED Dashboard, where the server data is published. The data is updated every five minutes.

The sensor also continuously sends data on the current battery level so that it can be monitored at all times. The low rate of battery use, however, means that a battery will on average last up to two years.

This technology can be used not only in outpatient care, but also in hospitals and care homes: employees, patients and visitors can benefit from intelligent, location-based services such as the tracking of assets and people, as well as building navigation and smart data analysis tools. Vulnerable people can be tracked, allowing medical staff to be led to the patient by mobile means. Medical devices are used in an optimal and efficient way, and device failures are prevented by means of predictive maintenance. Anti-theft protection is also generated. In this way, the tracking of people in care or medical devices, for example, helps in making the best use of resources, allowing hospitals and care homes to operate efficiently.

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