Safety Applications

CANopen Safety Chip

Single-chip security solution with CANopen

This functional safety feature protects against risks arising from defective and faulty equipment. Functionally safe devices are used in situations where people and the environment need to be protected. The development of safe systems is carried out in compliance with appropriate standards, such as safety standard IEC61508. For each safety function, a safety integrity level (SIL) is determined. This is a measure of the remaining residual risk.

One way in which SYS TEC electronic has responded to the increasing importance of this issue is by designing two CANopen safety chips for use in safety-relevant applications up to safety integrity level 3. CANopen Safety is a protocol extension to the proven CANopen Standard. The safety chips and in particular their fault detection mechanisms have been thoroughly tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Both chips contain the CANopen CiA DS304 safety protocol and can be easily integrated by the user into their own safety-orientated devices. Even our customers’ own software can later be downloaded to the flash drives. This makes it possible to reliably use the CANopen safety chips in a variety of applications, such as emergency stop buttons, safety relays and secure CANopen bus interfaces.

With our project experience, SYS TEC electronic is predestined to carry out device developments based on the CSC01 CANopen safety chip and to also take on other security-related projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us: We can develop individual, custom security solutions at the highest level for you, too!

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