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In-house workshop
Digitization: From challenge to goal

24.11.2022 | 14-18+ Uhr |
SQL Projekt AG | Franklinstraße 25 A | 01069 Dresden

You will receive a general overview of the various facets of digitization. In the form of a guide and with the help of practical exercises, we will show you how - starting from your idea - you can successfully overcome the first entry hurdles. Together, we will develop three concrete measures that you can use to get started in your company right away.

Machine data acquisition, energy data monitoring or smart/predictive maintenance - end-to-end digitization creates transparency and enables optimal capacity utilization.

  • But how, where and with whom to start?
  • What are the pitfalls and hurdles that make progress difficult?
  • How do I generate tangible customer benefits at an early stage?
  • How do I get the right partners on board at the relevant times?

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Topic overview

  • Exchange of experience
    Get out of the labyrinth! How to overcome the most common hurdles of digitization.

  • Methodology toolbox
    We show you how to work out a common goal in a secure and structured way despite the most complex requirements in your company and how to understand regularly changing framework conditions as an opportunity.

  • Practice: Technology
    Get a feel for the technologies MQTT, NodeRED, low-code, APIs and business process modeling.

  • Practice: Agile IIoT Integration
    From individual positioning to retrospective - Learn the full implementation cycle.

Description of the workshop

Digitization projects regularly fail due to the complexity that is difficult to manage, the lack of alignment of all parties involved to a common goal. Once this homework has been done, the right experts still need to be brought on board.

In the workshop, we start with a joint positioning, follow the methodology of the AGILE INTEGRATION FRAMEWORK to the implementation of your use case with the low-code integration platform TRANSCONNECT® as well as the sysWORXX CTR-700 edge devices and end the first iteration with a retrospective.


The objective of the workshop is to create awareness that agile principles and methods are also ideally suited and sufficiently tested for digitization and integration projects. Although thinking through a task completely is part of the good art of engineering, it reaches its limits when it comes to complex issues and is too cumbersome. With the framework of methods taught in the workshop, which anyone can apply themselves - even without us - you will start small and come out big - but you will start and be the first step ahead of your competition!

In just a few hours in fast motion.
Always in triad: data, systems, processes.

[DeepL] Dr. Stefan Hennig and Dipl.-Ing. Ronald Sieber


Dr. Stefan Hennig, SQL Projekt AG
Stefan Hennig heads the TRANSCONNECT® business unit at SQL Projekt AG. He designs innovative digitization solutions for customers from a wide range of industries and methodically supports decision-makers in their challenges to retain control over the variety of interfaces, systems and processes in order to be able to actively and sustainably shape them again.

Dipl.-Ing. Ronald Sieber, SYS TEC electronic AG
Ronald Sieber has been CEO of SYS TEC electronic AG since 2019. Previously, he gained more than 25 years of development experience in the field of embedded systems, controllers and fieldbuses. With the sysWORXX series, SYS TEC electronic offers a device family for communication and control tasks with the goal of making machines readable.