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Equipped with four CAN interfaces, Ethernet, 3 serial ports and an on-board FPGA, the ECUcore-1130 is an ideal solution for embedded control applications that require high computing power combined with high demands in networking. In combination with the PXROS-HR operating system this board is predestinated to safety critical applications.

Features / Benefits

Module features:

Controller:Infineon TC1130, based on Tricore V1.2
System Clock:150MHz
RAM:64MB SDR-SDRAM (32MB optional)
Flash:128MB NOR (16/32MB optional)
SERIAL FLASH :2MB only for FPGA-Firmware
FPGA Options:Lattice LFE2-6
Fast Ethernet:10/100Mbps, on-board PHY
Operating Conditions:Temperature: -40°C…+85°C
Humidity: 10-90% RH, non-condensing
Power Supply:3.3V +/- 4%, 1.5A max.
Dimensions/Weight:78 x 54 x 8 (L x W x H in mm), 20g
Board-to-board connector:3x 120 pin header socket, 0,5 mm pitch
Available on board-to-board connector:CAN, 2x I²C, 2x SPI, 2x Micro Link Interface (MLI), 3x 32bit General Purpose Timer Unit, Multi-purpose I/O signals, 2 16-bit Capture and Compare Unit (CAPCOM6), USB Device 1.1 Interface, Ethernet
RoHS compliant:yes
Operating System Support:PxROS
Integrated Development Environment (IDE):Pre-integrated Eclipse-based IDE with GNU C/C++ tool chain, source- and assembly-level debugger
Complementary Middleware:CANopen® Protocol Stack Source Code
Ethernet POWERLINK Protocol Stack Source Code

Ordering Information

Available order numbers:

P/N Description
4001003 ECUcore-1130, standard version
64MB RAM, 128MB Flash, 32kb EEPROM, FPGA, RTC, Temperature sensor