CANopen Chip F40

The SYS TEC CANopen Chip is an insert-ready, highly cost-effective single board computer subassembly with latest CANopen firmware pre-programmed. A simple and cost effective DIP40 connector forms the interface to the target peripherals and transforms the CANopen chip into a versatile utilizable communications interface.

Up to seven IO configurations provide a proper variation of digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs as well as PWM outputs. The on-board hardware configuration units allow the module configuration on deployment time.

The CANopen ChipF40 implements a CANopen slave device according CANopen device profile 401 and CANopen communication profile 301 V4.02. Two LED indicate the device state according to 303-3 V1.0.


CANopen Chip F40 - Device specification:

Controller:Fujitsu MB90F352 16-bit microcontroller
Operating voltage:5V ±10%
Current consumption:typically 65mA, max. 140mA depends on circuitry of I/Os and CAN
Storage:Non-volatile memory for storage of configuration data
Configuration:DIP-switches for easy configuration of node ID, baud rate and IO configuration
Available I/O configuration:Seven different IO configurations on 28 IO pins, selectable via DIP-switch and Object Dictionary
Digital outputs:GND < L-level < 0.4V
4.5V < H-level < VCC
Digital inputs:GND - 0.3V < L-level < 0.8V
0.8 VCC < H-level < VCC + 0.3V
Analog inputs:Input voltage: VAGND … VREF
Logical resolution: 15-bit signed (OD value)
Physical resolution: 10-bit (see manual)
Input capacity: 10.7pF
Reference voltage: +2.7V ... VCC
PWM outputs:See digital outputs for details
PWM frequency: max. 21kHz (CAN>10kBit)
PWM frequency: max. 11,5kHz (CAN=10kBit)
CAN transceiver:on-board PCA82C251, supporting up to 100 nodes on one CAN bus
CAN bus bitrate:10kbit/s to 1Mbit/s
Operating temperature:-40°C to +85°C
Storage temperature:-40°C to +90°C
Dimensions (LxWxH):58,7mm x 24,0 mm x 11,8 ±0,3 mm
Weight:ca. 10,5g
Socket connector:40-pin Dual-Inline-IC-socket, grid dimension 2,54 x 15,24
Pin-header:grid dimension 2,54 mm, Ø0,47mm, pin length 3,2 mm

CANopen Features

CANopen Chip F40 - CANopen features:

  • Communication profile according to CiA standard 301 in version V4.02
  • Device profile according to CiA standard DSP401
  • State indicators according to CiA standard 303-3 V1.0
  • Layer Setting Service (LSS) according to CiA standard DSP305
  • 4 TPDO and 4 RPDO
  • Dynamic PDO-Linking and -Mapping
  • 2 SDO-Server
  • Life guarding, Node guarding, Heartbeat
  • 5 Heartbeat Consumers
  • Emergency Producer
  • Minimum Boot Up capability
  • Manufacturer extension for usage as NMT-boot master


EDS file - CANopen Chip F40 EDS file - CANopen Chip F40
P/N SO-1057 - Package includes the "Electronic Data Sheet" (EDS) for the CANopen Chip F40 module
74 kB

Ordering Information

CANopen Chip F40 - Order Numbers:

P/N Description
MM-217-Y CANopen ChipF40, Standard version
MM-217-V3Y CANopen ChipF40
(compatible to CANopen Chip 164 - MM-215-Y)
KMM-217-Y Development Kit CANopen ChipF40
CANopen ChipF40, Developmentboard, USB-CANmodul1, CAN-cable for max. 5 CAN-nodes, Power supply, SYS TEC Products CD (including Quickstart Manual, System Manual, Hardware Manual)