Design Package MBC-1793
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Design Package MBC-1793

SYS TEC electronic offers a ready-to-use reference design of a mobile controller device as base for your own product developments. Using this design package will save you valuable time and efforts to develop and integrate into a market-ready device solution.

The MBC-1793 reference design is meant for OEM that plan to develop own mobile controller solutions use in machinery that is operating under harsh conditions.

The MBC-1793 electronic design meets the requirements toward electromagnetic interference (EMI) as well as the temperature and mechanical stress that typically occurs in such applications.


SYS TEC electronic offers customized product development for more than 20 years. With the MBC-1793 design package we offer our accumulated experiences in design of rugged controllers for mobile machinery.

The MBC-1793 product design is finished and has already been verified. Thus customers that want to create own mobile controller solutions may directly use this design package and save valuable time.

The reference design is delivered in source format, including the corresponding project files and the component libraries of the electronic components used in the design.

Customers can instantaneously start working with the design material to create own product solutions. You may want to adapt the PCB to fit in an own enclosure or incorporate specific functionality into the design.

The design package includes a board support package (BSP) that has been optimized for the Infineon Tricore 17xx microcontroller family that is used in the reference design.

With the design package we deliver reference software projects for C/C++ application development on the Tricore 17xx family. A professional IDE is available from HighTec company ( and suitable debugger solutions are provided by PLS company (

Design Package Add-ons

IEC 61131-3 with integrated CANopen Manager
This design package integrates an IEC 61131‑3 runtime kernel with CAN communication and CANopen Manager functions. It includes a pre-integrated IEC 61131‑3 runtime environment specifically adapted for the hardware and software environment on the MBC-1793. The IEC 61131‑3 runtime environment comes with a seamlessly integrated CANopen Manager according to CiA specification 302. The CANopen Manager supports automatic remote node configuration and handles network management tasks transparently from the IEC 61131‑3 user application. Additional CAN-Layer 2 function blocks allow for implementation of customer-specific CAN-based protocols in IEC 61131‑3 language.

Design package CANopen Manager for C/C++
The CANopen Manager available with the add-on design packages allows for easy integration into CANopen functionality in own C/C++ applications. It supports automatic configuration of CANopen nodes at system startup and monitors their operational status. The CANopen Manager is fully compliant to CiA specification 302 and supports easy integration into own user-applications. This design package includes the CANopen Manager Source Code and demo applications specific to the MBC-1793 reference design. With this design package OEM may scale the CANopen functionality and offer flexible CANopen communication libraries to their customers.

Production Quality Package
Producing high volume serials at continuous high quality level requires sophisticated device tests and quality guidelines to follow throughout the assembly process.

SYS TEC electronic offers a special Production Quality Package that includes sophisticated end-of-line tests, technological informations and processing instructions to achieve that goal.

The Production Quality Package includes:

  • Processing and Assembly flow chart
  • SMD assembly processing instructions
  • THT assembly processing instructions Mask and processing instructions for conformal coating of PCB
  • Device assembly and finishing instructions
  • Quality Assurance Checklist
  • QA Certificate Template
  • End-of-Line Test documentation
  • Device test reference manual for test developers
  • Test equipment manufacturing documentation (mechanical drawings, wiring schema, BOM, hardware)
  • Automated test application for end-of-line device test (Labview runtime executable for Windows PC)

Ordering Information

Available order numbers:

P/N Description
13132900 Design Package MBC-1793
13132910 Design Package Option IEC 61131 OpenPCS
13132920 Production Quality Package
13132930 Design Package Option CANopen Manager C/C++
13132940 Certification Package 2004/108/EC
13139000 Reference and Evaluation System
MBC-1793 and HMI-3570
13134000 MBC-1793 Reference Hardware