USB CAN Gateway with 8 CAN channel support - USB-CANmodul8
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Based on the successful USB CAN Gateway designs, the USB-CANmodul8 version bundles 8 CAN-channels in one device, connected to the PC via high-speed USB2.0 with up to 480Mbps. This USB CAN Gateway allows a most comfortable, yet cost efficient way to transfer CAN-bus messages in distributed systems that require a centralized data collection, like used in automotive applications, research institutes or laboratories.

As all other versions of the SYS TEC USB CAN Gateway series, the USB-CANmodul8 supports all kind of higher-layer CAN-based protocols, such as CANopen, SDS, DeviceNet or J1939. Its new 32-bit CPU core ensures reliable communication even at high busload, and provides precise message time stamps. The PC driver allows for easy plug&play installation and supports simultaneous operation of up to 64 USB-CANmodul devices on the same PC. With its extremely attractive price-performance ratio and the compact design, the USB-CANmodul8 is ideal suited for servicing and maintenance tasks of CAN-bus systems.

Features / Benefits

Technical Specification - USB CAN Gateway - USB-CANmodul8

Available CAN channels:8
PC connection:USB V2.0 high-speed up to 480 Mbps
CAN interface:8 CAN interface, high-speed CAN according ISO 11898-2, optical isolated
CAN transceiver:high-speed CAN: 82C251
CAN specification:CAN 2.0A (11-bit identifier)
CAN 2.0B (29-bit identifier)
CAN connector:SUB-D9
CAN bit rate:10kbps to 1Mbps
CAN bus features:Remote frames
Listen only mode
Time stamp for received messages
Receiving the transmit echo including time stamp
Automatically transmission of cyclical messages by the module
Software support for Windows® OS:USB-CANmodul Control - Configuration tool for managing multiple USB-CANmodul devices
PCAN View - a simple CAN monitor that allows for reception and transmission of CAN messages
Programmers support for Windows OS:Comprehensive programmers API including demo source for Microsoft Visual C++, LabView, Visual Basic .NET
CANopen API for .NET - based on SYS TEC CANopen Stack and allows for easy implementation of CANopen-enabled applications
Programmers support for Linux OS:SocketCAN based API (Linux Kernel version 2.6.32 or higher)
Device driver:Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP (32/64 bit), Linux
LED indicators:LEDs for power supply, CAN state, CAN traffic
Power supply:100 ... 240 VAC, optional 9 ... 32 VDC
Operating temperature:0ºC to +55ºC
Housing:table case, 1HU 19” rack-mounted or open frame
Dimensions:200 x 224 x 72 (LxWxH, in mm)


USB-CANmodul Utility Disk USB-CANmodul Utility Disk
P/N SO-387 - V5.14 - Driver for WinXP / Vista /
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / LabView

Please Note! This driver package does not support the obsolete versions GW-001 and GW-002. Please check our download area for getting driver support for these obsolete versions!
11 MB
CANopen API for .NET CANopen API for .NET
P/N SO-1088 - V5.60 - Release March 2015
53 MB
Linux SocketCAN Driver for USB-CANmodul series Linux SocketCAN Driver for USB-CANmodul series
Release Version V0.9.8
324 kB

Ordering Information

USB CAN Gateway - USB-CANmodul8 - Order Numbers:

P/N Description
3204004-01 USB-CANmodul8
table-case, high-speed CAN transceiver 82C251, optical isolated, power supply 100 to 240 VAC
3204010-01 USB-CANmodul8
table-case, high-speed CAN transceiver 82C251, optical isolated, power supply 9 to 32 VDC
3404002-01 USB-CANmodul8
19" rack-mounted, high-speed CAN transceiver 82C251, optical isolated, power supply 100 to 240 VAC
3304000-01 USB-CANmodul8
open frame, high-speed CAN transceiver 82C251, optical isolated