Ethernet POWERLINK - openPOWERLINK Linux Starter Kit

openPOWERLINK Linux Starter Kit

Accelerate your Ethernet POWERLINK development with a pre-configured openPOWERLINK Linux Development Kit. It contains all hardware and software components required for trouble-free entry into Ethernet POWERLINK. Based on the ECUcore-5484 System on Module with pre-programmed Linux-OS, the Development Kit also includes a fully functional openPOWERLINK stack with a MN as well as a CN application for your reference. The development board features the typical POWERLINK hub to support simple daisy chain connections between the nodes.

The openPOWERLINK Linux Development Kit is accompanied by the openPOWERLINK LiveCD, a number of sample applications, comprehensive documentation and debug tools. This saves time and money when you get started with real-time Industrial Ethernet and makes it extremely easy to evaluate Ethernet POWERLINK for your application.

Features / Benefits

openPOWERLINK Linux Development Kit Highlights

  • Low-cost development kit
  • Ready to run Board Support Package with openPOWERLINK reference application
  • Core software components openPOWERLINK available as open source under BSD license
  • Scalable functionality and performance

KIT Content

openPOWERLINK Linux Starter Kit

  • ECUcore-5484 (SoM) mounted on Development Board ECUcore-5484 as Controlled Node
  • openPOWERLINK - Live-CD for x86 processors with Realtek RTL8139 network card as Managing Node
  • International power supply, 12VDC, 1500mA
  • RS232 cable, 1,8m - for configuration and debugging of ECUcore-5484
  • FTP patch cable Cat.5e, 2m
  • Leverage tool
  • ESD handling instructions
  • VMware image with Linux cross-development toolchain for ECUcore-5484


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Version: 1.8

Version 1.6
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465 MB

Ordering Information

Available order numbers:

P/N Description
KIT-154 openPOWERLINK Development Kit ECUcore-5484
ECUcore-5484, Development Board ECUcore-5484, Power supply, Set of cables, openPOWERLINK - Live-CD for X86, CD with openPOWERLINK Source Code and demo project for ECUcore-5484, DVD VMware Image Linux - ECUcore-5484