openPOWERLINK FPGA Development Kit
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openPOWERLINK for FPGA Development Kit

The openPOWERLINK for FPGA Development Kit is a low-cost, high-performance method for startup into the Ethernet POWERLINK technology based on the ALTERA Cyclone EP3C FPGA and ECUcore-EP3C System on Module (SOM). The Kit includes the ECUcore-EP3C, an application carrier board, and accessories required to immediately begin development work.

The FPGA on the ECUcore-EP3C is preprogrammed with a stand-alone openPOWERLINK demo application running on a NIOS II Soft CPU. Besides the Soft CPU the FPGA configuration includes a seamlessly integrated openMAC, openHUB and the required system peripherals. The demo application achieves a POWERLINK timing of 400 µs cycle time, about 1 µs Poll Response latency and less than 1 µs synchronization jitter.

Features / Benefits

ECUcore-EP3C Highlights

  • Low-cost development kit
  • FPGA, memory and support circuitry integrated in an insert-ready SOM
  • Ready to run Board Support Package with openPOWERLINK reference application
  • Core software components openPOWERLINK, openMAC with Auto-Response feature and openHUB available as open source under BSD license
  • Customizable board connector pinout
  • Scalable functionality and performance
  • Extremely compact PCB form factor (78mm x 54mm)

KIT Content

openPOWERLINK for FPGA Development Kit

  • ECUcore-EP3C - System on Module
  • Development Board ECUcore-EP3C
  • USB JTAG-programmer for Altera FPGA's
  • International power supply, 12VDC, 1500mA
  • RS232 cable, 1,8m
  • FTP patch cable Cat.5e, 2m
  • Leverage tool
  • ESD handling instructions
  • openPOWERLINK - Live-CD for x86
  • openPOWERLINK Protocol Stack Source Code with Altera Quartus II FPGA demo project for ECUcore-EP3C


  Download openPOWERLINK Source Code on

Version: 1.8

Version 1.6
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Ordering Information

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P/N Description
KIT-161 openPOWERLINK Development Kit ECUcore-EP3C
ECUcore-EP3C, Development Board ECUcore-EP3C, USB JTAG-programmer for Altera FPGA's, Power supply, Set of cables, openPOWERLINK - Live-CD for X86, CD with openPOWERLINK Source Code and Altera Quartus II FPGA demo project for ECUcore-EP3C