CANopen Starter Kit
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CANopen Starter Kit

With our CANopen Starter Kit you have a high-performance Rapid Development package that accelerates your entry into the world of CANopen. Even without prior experience, you can quickly put the harmonized components into operation. The CANopen Starter Kit provides basic know-how in using CANopen devices, software and tools.

A complete Startup package
All components for starting up a CANopen network are included in the kit. The CANopen I/O box is a ready-to-use DS 401 compliant CANopen I/O device as a reference. You have input and output elements for analog and digital signals, that you can connect via CANopen. The CANopen Chip with development board makes it possible to develop your own CANopen applications. Therefore an object library of our CANopen protocol stack is included in the kit. The CANopen Starter Kit jump-starts your implementation of own CANopen application based on the CANopen Chip.

A comprehensive demo-project and the detailed documentation facilitate your start. To setup the communication between the CANopen network and the PC an USB-CAN interface is in scope of delivery. The accompanying version of the CANopen Configuration Suite makes it possible to easily configure both CANopen devices. You can connect the I/Os of the CANopen devices to each other and store the configuration on the device.

Features / Benefits

CANopen Starter Kit

  • Comprehensive documentation and Quickstart Manual
  • CANopen I/O box as ready-to-use CANopen I/O device with 8 digital I/Os and 2 analog I/Os
  • CANopen library for CANopen ChipF40 (object code) including CAN driver (Softune IDE included in delivery scope only within Europe)
  • USB-CAN interface for simple access to the CAN bus
  • DIPmodul-F40, included development board and CANopen firmware as HEX file (flash tools included in delivery scope)
  • CANopen Configuration Suite for CANopen configuration (Evaluation version)


CANopen DeviceExplorer for Windows CANopen DeviceExplorer for Windows
P/N SO-1124 - Evaluation version 2.5.1
*Please note the shown plug-ins are not included in standard version of CANopen DeviceExplorer.
33 MB
CANinterpreter for Windows CANinterpreter for Windows
P/N SO-1123 - Evaluation version 1.7.1
*Please note the shown plug-ins are not included in standard version of CANinterpreter
37 MB

Ordering Information

Available order numbers:

P/N Description
KIT-152 CANopen Starter Kit
DIPmodul-F40 and carrier board, USB-CANmodul1, CANopen IO-Box, Set of cables, Connectors, Power supply, CANopen Software Library, CANopen Demo Library for WIN32, Trial version CANopen Configuration Suite, CD including documentation