CANopen Configuration Suite

CANopen Configuration Suite

The CANopen Configuration Suite presents a high-performance and easy-to-use tool for efficient and straightforward planning of complete CANopen networks as well as devices. It combines functionality with an intuitive operation and supports you in all project phases, including planning, development, startup and service. You can concentrate immediately on your application and the definition of the systems parameters. The CANopen Configuration Suite includes the CANopen Configuration Manager, the CANopen Device Monitor and comes with the SYS TEC CAN driver for exclusive access to various CAN interfaces.

Full CiA 405 support
In addition to configuration and interconnection of pure CANopen slave devices, CANopen Configuration Suite also supports DS 405 compliant programmable devices. All assigned network variables are exported as an IEC 61131-3 conformant variable declaration. This enables an easy transfer into your IEC 61131 programming system. Modularity and expandability are particular features of the CANopen Configuration Suite. The built-in scripting capability makes a flexible adaptation of the configuration interface possible and in addition to add new functionality.

Extended hardware support
SYS TEC offers extraordinary hardware support for CAN-bus interfaces of various manufacturers. You are not limited to a particular supplier. The CANopen Configuration Suite significantly reduces the configuration effort required for large systems. The risk of configuration errors is minimized, thereby the quality and security on the system is enhanced.

Features / Benefits

CANopen Configuration Suite

  • Project-oriented network configuration based on CANopen EDS and DCF files
  • Import of CANopen network configuration files created with 3rd party tools
  • Supports download of network/device configuration via CAN-bus
  • Easy workflow thanks to the simple and intuitive user interface
  • Fast access to the device parameters and network structure
  • Automatic PDO mapping and linking
  • Simplified PDO linking based on Predefined connection set does not require reconfiguration of CANopen slave devices
  • Selective scanning of sections of the object directory directly via CAN-bus
  • Automatic network scan detects all CANopen nodes on the bus
  • Support of dynamic objects and network variables according to CiA 302 and CiA 405
  • Export of network variables as IEC 61131-3 variable declaration
  • Scripting functionality with high-level CANopen master API
  • CANopen/Ethernet gateway according to CiA 309-3 included
  • Expert-mode console window for command line access to CANopen services


CiA 402 plug-in
This plug-in extends the CANopen Device Monitor with dialogs to control the state machine of a CANopen drive and features for testing the profile position mode. The status and control words are displayed bit by bit for detailed analysis. There is a separate tabsheet providing access to the state machine of a CANopen drive according to CiA 402. State changes can be triggered by mouse clicks instead of doing bit-wise modifications on object 0x6040 in the Object Dictionary. The status word can be polled cyclically by SDO or is updated upon reception of the respective PDO. The Profile Position Mode module (part of the CiA 402 plug-in) allows for the configuration of parameters like acceleration, velocity, deceleration as well as target position. The motion status of the drive is displayed graphically and push-buttons for "Stop" or "Halt" are there to test the implementation.

CiA 304 Safety plug-in
This plug-in provides a tabsheet for the CANopen Device Monitor for consistent configuration of CiA 304 compliant Safety Relevant Data Objects (SRDO).

LSS plug-in
This plug-in enables the CANopen Device Monitor to act as a LSS master and provides functions to remotely configure the bit rate and node-ID of LSS slave devices.


CANopen Configuration Suite CANopen Configuration Suite
P/N SO-1047 - Evaluation version 2.3.0 including
CANopen Device Monitor V3.2.7.9
CANopen Configuration Manager V1.4.3.0
18 MB

Ordering Information

Available order numbers:

P/N Description
SO-1047 CANopen Configuration Pro Suite
includes single-user license for CANopen Configuration Manager and CANopen Device Monitor, Documentation
SO-1047-U CANopen Configuration Pro Suite Bundle
includes single-user license for CANopen Configuration Manager and CANopen Device Monitor, USB-CANmodul1 with device drivers, Cables, Documentation
SO-1041-001 LSS-Master Plug-in
*Use of this plug-in requires CANopen Device Monitor software
SO-1041-002 CiA 402 Plug-in
*Use of this plug-in requires CANopen Device Monitor software
SO-1041-003 CiA 304 Safety Plug-in
*Use of this plug-in requires CANopen Device Monitor software