CANopen Adaptation Workshop

The CANopen Adaptation Workshop starts your software development quickly by saving you time for self-study on the CANopen Source Code and provides useful information on how to integrate CANopen into own applications.

Training workshops with our customers on application-oriented systems have proven to be particularly successful. We discuss your target system together in detail and go through an application-relevant training. Our workshops are always adjusted to our customers' needs regarding the environment for development and your target system. The training content is flexible and is adapted to your existing knowledge on the respective topics. We do not only communicate our knowledge on how to use our products and components, but work out solutions that allow for a seamless entry into later implementations. Here, the step-by-step and learning-by-doing method has proven to be very successful. Therefore, we evaluate our workshops to be substantially more effective than standard courses on given subjects. Workshops can be held in-house upon request.

Feature / Benefits

Workshop Benefits

  • Within our custom workshop we give you a comprehensive overview on the architecture of the CANopen stack and its interfaces
  • Get your team updated on latest CANopen specifications
  • Compile and run the CANopen stack for your target platform, using your development environment
  • Discuss implications on how to interface the CANopen stack to the CAN controller used and discuss application-specific details (interrupt routines, memory issues)
  • Explain the interface between the CANopen stack and your application


  • Training period: 3 days
  • Participants: max 3 persons
  • Location: SYS TEC electronic GmbH, 08468 Heinsdorfergrund, Germany

Workshop Prerequisite

What you need to get started

To make the workshop a success, we ask you to provide the following:

  • A development environment including compiler and efficient debugging facilities for your target platform
  • Your target hardware is available and reasonably stable
  • Your engineers have at least a basic understanding of CANopen
  • The application to be interfaced is implemented in C/C++ programming language
  • Workshop can only be proceeded based on the SYS TEC CANopen Protocol Stack

Ordering Information

Available order numbers:

P/N Description
Workshop-01 CANopen Adaptation Workshop
3 Days Workshop at the facilities of the SYS TEC electronic GmbH