CAN-REport - CAN-bus Analyser

CAN-REport - CAN-bus Analyser

CAN-REport is a CAN-bus monitor and analyzing tool that puts you in the position to observe, record and evaluate the CAN communication on a logical level. Thanks to its programmability and extensibility of the user interface, the CAN-REport can be flexibly adapted to customer requirements. CAN telegrams can be observed online in different modes and stored in a file for later processing.

You also have the capability of sending CAN telegrams manually, cyclically or sequentially using CAN-REport. The number of transmission channels available is freely configurable. The record function in CAN-REport can be triggered by CAN telegrams. In addition, pre- and post-triggers can be defined. This makes it possible to acquire relevant information with precision timing. When this is done, the CAN messages can be interpreted by CAN-REport and its extensions during recording. A postponed processing of previously stored logs is also possible and allows shifting the time-intensive processing of huge amount of data after recording.

CAN-REport comes with an extendable visualization interface. Thus, CAN-REport functionality can be specifically extended by means of additional software modules. An example of this is the service- or protocol – dependent representation of CAN telegrams. Accessory modules are available for the CANopen and DeviceNet protocols and implement the service-dependent representation of the CAN telegrams. Detailed CANopen messages are displayed separately according to the SDO, PDO, NMT, EMCY or Flying Master services in separate windows.

Features / Benefits

CAN-REport - CAN-bus Analyser

  • Broad support of CAN-bus interface hardware from different manufacturers
  • Precise hardware time stamp for received CAN messages
  • Message triggers based on CAN-ID, message type or data patterns
  • Configurable message filters
  • Plug-ins translation of CANopen, DeviceNet and J1939 messages
  • Script engine including high-level API for CAN-REport functions (send/receive/check of CAN messages ect.)
  • Import of DCF-files for configuration of CANopen PDO mappings
  • Autonomous CAN-message recording to multiple files


CANopen plug-in
This plug-in provides the translation of CANopen messages to human-readable format. The visualization of CANopen messages objects is customizable by the user. The node list as well as the PDO mapping can be imported from DCF.

DeviceNet plug-in
This plug-in provides the translation of DeviceNet messages into human-readable format.

J1939 plug-in
This plug-in provides the translation of J1939 messages into human-readable format.

Dual Channel Plug-in
This plug-in enables the usage together with SYS TEC's multi channel CAN bus interfaces.


CAN-REport CAN-REport
P/N SO-1054 - CAN-bus monitor and analyser, Evaluation version
13 MB

Ordering Information

Available order numbers:

P/N Description
SO-1054 CAN-REport
includes single-user license for CAN-Report software and Documentation
SO-1054-U CAN-REport Bundle
includes single-user license for CAN-Report software, USB-CANmodul1 with device drivers, Cables, Documentation
SO-1054-001 CANopen Plug-in
*Use of this plug-in requires a valid license of CAN-REport software
SO-1054-002 DeviceNET Plug-in
*Use of this plug-in requires a valid license of CAN-REport software
SO-1054-003 J1939 Plug-in
*Use of this plug-in requires a valid license of CAN-REport software
SO-1054-004 Dual Channel Plug-in
*Use of this plug-in requires a valid license of CAN-REport software