CANopen Configuration Manager

Using the CANopen Configuration Manager (CCM) you have the right tool for quick and easy project planning and configuration of CANopen devices and networks. When doing this, the CCM captivates you in virtue of its simple and intuitive operation and automatic generation of the CANopen configuration. The CCM supports structuring of the CANopen network in groups.


The concise presentation in a tree structure ensures fast and direct selection of individual nodes. The Object Link Table manages all available objects of all CANopen nodes in a concise matrix form. Two mappable objects can be bound into the Object Link Table by a simple mouse click. The corresponding PDO mapping and PDO linking is generated automatically by the CCM.

If necessary the CCM automatically creates network variables for programmable devices according to CiA specification 405. When a PDO linking is performed a corresponding variable declaration in accordance with IEC 61131-3 is stored in a separate file. They can later be transferred into your PLC program by simple cut & paste.

For simple master – slave connections, the PDO linking can be done based on the pre-defined connection set to reduce the configuration efforts to the master device. With the use of the pre-defined connection set configuration of the participating CANopen slave is no longer necessary. Only the DCF for the CANopen master (PLC) is required. That way, the CCM always ensures the consistency of the configuration.

Of course the free PDO linking is available for (unlimited) connections between any types of CANopen devices.

With PDO linking, the device configuration is saved as a DCF in the project folder. Optionally, the CCM supports direct storage of the configuration in the network. With a simple mouse click, it is transferred via the CAN-bus to the corresponding CANopen nodes and stored on the device.

Features Overview

The CCMbasic version makes it possible to set up network configurations based on the predefined connection set. The DCF generated can be read directly into the OpenPCS programming system.

The CCMpro version supports free PDO linking. It is also possible to directly transfer the network configuration to the CANopen devices.

CCMeval is a fully featured evaluation version. However, it is restricted to two nodes and a fixed bit rate.

Automatic PDO-Linking/Mapping X X X
Import of foreign CANopen network configurations X X X
Creation and storing of DCF X X X
Master-Slave linking
(according to Predefined Connection Set)
Support of CiA 405 compliant devices X X X
Export of Network variables as IEC 61131-3 compliant variable declaration X X X
m4d CANopen Server - X X*
Slave-Slave linking
(free PDO-Linking)
- X X
Direct network access, Storing device configuration via CAN-bus - X X
Free selection of CAN-bus bitrate - X 125 kBit/s only
Limitation of addressable CANopen nodes - - 2
* runtime limited to 1h with max. two simultaneously connected Client application


CANopen Configuration Suite CANopen Configuration Suite
P/N SO-1047 - Evaluation version 2.3.0 including
CANopen Device Monitor V3.2.7.9
CANopen Configuration Manager V1.4.3.0
18 MB

Ordering Information

Available order numbers:

P/N Description
SO-1049 CANopen Configuration Manager, CCMbasic
includes single-user license for CANopen Configuration Manager CCMbasic, Documentation
SO-1050 CANopen Configuration Manager, CCMpro
includes single-user license for CANopen Configuration Manager CCMpro, Documentation
SO-1050-U CANopen Configuration Manager Bundle
includes single-user license for CANopen Configuration Manager CCMpro, USB-CANmodul1 with device drivers, Cables, Documentation