Compact PLC with Linux & CANopen Support - PLCmodule-C32
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The compact PLC - PLCmodule-C32 is an all-rounder for industrial control tasks. As Linux-based Compact PLC, the device is programmable in C/C++ and in IEC 61131-3. The IEC 61131-3 runtime kernel already includes a fully functional CANopen manager and function blocks for accessing on-board peripherals.

The compact PLC - PLCmodule-C32 supports simultaneous execution of IEC 61131-3 PLC programs and Linux applications. It is possible to share data between the PLC program written in IEC 61131-3 and other native Linux applications implemented in C/C++. A comprehensive IEC 61131-3 function block library provides access to all communication interfaces. Higher-layer protocols such as CANopen are available as well. The built-in CANopen manager services enable an easy integration of other CANopen modules and even allow distributing the application task to multiple networked devices. The communication and data exchange with other devices via Modbus protocol is supported by extended Modbus/TCP function blocks.

Features / Benefits

Module Features / Benefits

Controller:Freescale MCF5484 MCU with Coldfire V4e core
System Clock:200 MHz
Ethernet:1x 10/100 Mbps
CAN / UART:2 / 3
I/O Configuration:24 Digital inputs 24VDC
16 Digital outputs 24VDC
4 Relay outputs 250VAC/3A
4 Analog inputs 0-10VDC (0-20mA)
2 Analog outputs 0-10VDC
Others:2 PWM outputs 24VDC/500mA
3 Fast counter inputs 24VDC (50kHz)
Battery-backed RTC
Temperature sensor
HTML-based configuration via WEB Browser
Remote login via Telnet
On-board Software:Linux, PLC firmware, CANopen Master, HTTP and FTP server
Function block libraries:Communication (CANopen, Ethernet, Modbus/TCP, UART)
Hardware components (RTC, Counter, PWM)
Programming:IEC61131-3 and C/C++
Dimensions:160 x 90 x 75 (LxWxH, in mm)
Housing:IP20 plastic enclosure, DIN-rail mountable


OpenPCS IEC 61131-3 programming system OpenPCS IEC 61131-3 programming system
Version V7.1.0 RV1.00 - english
134 MB
SYS TEC - specific Extensions for OpenPCS / IEC 61131-3 SYS TEC - specific Extensions for OpenPCS / IEC 61131-3
Version 7.1.0 RV1.00 - english
31 MB

Ordering Information

Delivery contents

Assembled and tested device, complete set of cables and connectors, Documentation, Drivers, Eval-versions CANopen configuration tools on CD

Available order numbers:

P/N Description
3090002 PLCmodule-C32
Program download via Ethernet/UDP or CAN/CANopen

4MiB PLC program memory, 32kiB NVDATA, RTC, 24DI, 16DO, 4 relay, 2 PWM, 3 CNT, 4 AI, 2 AO, 1 ETH, 2 CAN/CANopen, 3 SIO, Power supply: 24VDC, 1A, ±20%, DIN rail mountable IP20 enclosure
KIT-160 PLCmodule-C32 OpenPCS Starter Kit
OpenPCS programming system according to IEC 61131-3, PLCmodule-C32, USB-CANmodul1, Cable set, Connectors, Documentation Hardware & Software (electronic file)
3393000 License Spidercontrol Web Visualization