CANopen Source Code Protocol Stacks V5.64 available


The CANopen Master & Slave Source Code CiA 301 (order no. SO-877 and SO-877-VP) as well as CANopen Manager Source Code CiA 302 (order no. SO-1063 and SO-1063-VP) from SYS TEC, which has been well-proven in numerous applications for many years, is now available in version V5.64.

The new CANopen stack versions includes software changes as well as bugfixes, and it’s supports the new ODBuilderII software, which was also released as first Beta version.

The ODBuilderII is a Windows based configuration tool that was developed exclusively as support for the development of applications with the SYS TEC CANopen stack. The main application of the OD Builder II is the automatic generation of an Object Dictionary (OD) in the form of C source code files for a CANopen device, which then can be included seamlessly in an existing CANopen software project. Furthermore, it is possible to generate a so-called EDS file (electronic data sheet), which can be used in conjunction with various configuration tools for CANopen devices.

In addition the following target platforms and demo projects were added:

  • Demo project for Infineon XMC4500 based on Keil IDE

  • CAN driver support for NXP MSCAN controller was added including a demo project based on a Kinetis MKE06Z128 FRDM controller board and Keil IDE

The SYS TEC CANopen protocol software conforms to the CANopen specification CiA 301 (P/N SO-877) and CiA 302 (P/N SO-1063). The CANopen Stacks are suitable for the design of own fully-featured CANopen Slave as well as Master/Slave devices. Adapted software drivers are already available for a large number of microcontrollers. This allows an easy and quick integration in a system specific hardware and trouble-free compilation with all ANSI-C compliant compilers. Support for not yet supported microcontrollers can be implemented on request.

Customers with a valid software maintenance and service agreement (SMSA) can download the new CANopen Stack version for free based on the valid support account information. For customers without SMSA, we can offer an update - please contact us: or call +49-3765 38600-2110.

For further information about our CANopen Protocol Software please have a look on the following product pages:
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