Development Kit PLCcore-iMX35 CODESYS
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Development Kit PLCcore-iMX35 CODESYS

The Development Kit PLCcore-iMX35 CODESYS is a high-capacity complete package at a particularly favorable price. Based on a compact PLC with integrated target visualization, it enables the user to develop own custom specific HMI devices.

The Kit ensures quick and problem-free commissioning of the PLCcore-iMX35 CODESYS. Therefore, it combines all hard- and software components that are necessary to create own HMI applications: the PLCcore-iMX35 SOM, the corresponding Development Board containing a QVGA LCD Display, I/O periphery and numerous interfaces, the IEC 61131 programming system CODESYS V3 as well as further accessory.


Development Board PLCcore-iMX35
The Development Board included in the Kit facilitates quick commissioning of the PLCcore-iMX35 CODESYS and simplifies the design of prototypes for user-specific HMI applications based on this module. The Development Board comprises different power supply possibilities, a 320x240 pixel QVGA LCD touchscreen, 1 Ethernet interface, 2 CAN interfaces, 2 serial interfaces as well as 4 push buttons and 4 LED as control elements for digital in- and outputs. Signals that are available from plug connectors of the PLCcore-iMX35 are linked to pin header connectors and enable easy connection of own peripheral circuitry.

IEC 61131 programming system CODESYS V3
The IEC 61131 programming system CODESYS V3 included in the Kit serves as software development platform and as debug environment for the PLCcore-iMX35. Thus, the module can either be programmed graphically in LD/FUB, SFC and CFC or textually in IL or ST. Downloading the PLC program onto the module takes place via Ethernet. High-capacity debug functionality such as watching and setting variables, single cycles, breakpoints and single steps simplify the development and commissioning of user software for this module.

Target Visualization based on Qt
The integrated Target Visualization of the PLCcore-iMX35 is based on the integrated Qt framework. It enables for displaying of process values from the PLC as well as forwarding of operator actions to the PLC (e.g. entries via Touchscreen or USB mouse).

VMware Image Linux - ECUcore-iMX35
The PLCcore Development Kit comes with a ready-to-use development environment for writing C/C++ application which can be executed simultaneously to the PLC program. This C/C++ development environment is pre-installed in a VMware virtual machine. The player required to start the virtual machine is available free of charge. The provision of virtual machines for application development provides a number of advantages to the end-user. Installation of new software on your development PC is reduced to the VMware player. Installation of the PLCcore development environment and related project files is not necessary and therefore eliminates a number of possible pitfalls for new users. You can easily keep a working copy of your virtual machine for backup. In case of data loss you can switch to your backup virtual machine and you’ll be productive again immediately.


Development Kit PLCcore-iMX35 CODESYS

  • PLCcore-iMX35 - System on Module
  • Development Board ECUcore-iMX35
  • 5.7“ TFT-LCD touch display
  • International power supply, 12VDC, 1500mA
  • RS232 cable, 1.8m
  • FTP patch cable Cat.5e, 2.0m
  • CAN cable for 5 nodes, incl. 2x 120Ohm termination plugs
  • Leverage tool
  • ESD handling instructions
  • IEC 61131-3 Programming Environment CODESYS V3 for Windows
  • VMware image with Linux cross-development tool chain for ECUcore-iMX35




货号 说明
KIT-171 Development Kit PLCcore-iMX35 CODESYS
PLCcore-iMX35 - HMI option, Development Board ECUcore-iMX35, 5.7“ TFT-LCD touch display, Power supply, Set of cables, CD IEC 61131-3 IDE CODESYS V3, DVD VMware Image Linux - PLCcore-iMX35