IoT Chip SE

Our IoT Chip is a plug-in computer core for cloud connection (IoT chip) which is freely programmable by users. Unlike other IoT chip devices, the SYS TEC electronic IoT chip combines sensor2cloud requirements with data preprocessing features ranging from time-critical signals to efficient control tasks. To that end, the IoT chip comes with appropriate function libraries pre-installed, making it ready for use straight away. Moreover our IoT Chip is prepared for the IBM-Cloud (IBM-Watson).



Controller / Core Architecture:STM32F767 / ARM 32-bit Cortex™-M7
Frequency (internal):200MHz
Application memory:128kB for PLC user application
Ethernet:1x 10/100Mbps, on-board PHY + RJ45 connector
Analog Output:2
Analog Input:4
Digital Output:up to 13
Digital Input:up to 15
Fast Counter:1
Board-to-board connectors:DIL-40 socket or LGA
Runtime System:SmartPLC by infoteam
Programming Interface:Ethernet
Programmable in:IEC 61131-3
Power Supply:3.3V +/-5%
Operating Temperature:0ºC … +70ºC
LCD Display:via SPI or I2C
Mass storage:SD Card connector is on-board.
A SD-Card connector or eMMC on user board is only in IoT-Chip LGA-variant available.
RTC:IoT-Chip DIL40 variant: no battery backup
IoT-Chip LGA-variant: available
RoHS compliant::yes

IoT Chip 描述

The IoT Chip is easy to integrate for use in Internet of Things / Industry 4.0 applications and the connecting devices/machines to the cloud as these fields require. Like every of our devices the IoT Chip is prepared for the direct connection to Cloud. Due to the partnership with IBM we make your devices ready for IoT.

The benefits of the SYS TEC electronic IoT Chip lie in its use, security and cloud connection. On the chip are libraries and protocols such as MQTT, Modbus or CANopen which are ready to use immediately.

The templates supplied in the source code are available to users as a starting point for their own customisation. I²C and SPI make it possible to directly connect actuators and sensors.

This allows the entire measurement, control and regulation to be
handled on the IoT chip. As a result, the chip works independently of the cloud. There is also no additional gateway required for cloud connection.

Our IoT Chip delivers M2M communication at the highest level, as well as being efficient and available at a moderate cost.


OpenPCS IEC 61131-3 programming system OpenPCS IEC 61131-3 programming system
Version V7.1.0 RV1.00 - english
134 MB
SYS TEC - specific Extensions for OpenPCS / IEC 61131-3 SYS TEC - specific Extensions for OpenPCS / IEC 61131-3
Version 7.1.0 RV1.00 - english
31 MB
IoT-Chip Utility Package IoT-Chip Utility Package
P/N 3912003 V1.02 includes driver software, system manual, baseboard schematic, IoT-Chip example
14 MB



货号 说明
3390100 IoT-Chip DIL40
3390101 IoT-Chip LGA
KIT-175 Development Kit IoT-Chip DIL40