Our Idea of IoT: Communication and Control via Cloud


In the last few years, the "Internet of Things" has developed to a fixed size in everyday life. More and more devices are networked, as well as PCs and smartphones, even cars, televisions and refrigerators can now send and receive data over the Internet. In industry, processes are increasingly being digitized in order to be able to access the data independently of the location and time. Communication via network structures eliminates the need for permanently installed lines, instead of permitting a flexible, configurable exchange of measurement data and control commands between different devices.

We combine the Internet of Things with these two fields: Communication and Control. The former is in general the connection among the devices, and the Control is in respect of Condition Monitoring (continuous supervision) and Predictive Maintenance (anticipatory maintenance).

The IoT devices from SYS TEC electronic form a central link between automation and IT world to all these application fields. In general, they send and receive messages to and from the cloud. The design of the device permits a simple and cost-efficient adaptation to each different type of applications. For example, on the hardware level is the number and the type of the interface scalable; the software level supports flexible expansion of other communication protocols or new functions.

A detailed description of our IoT world of SYS TEC electronic is available to you as White Paper.