New cooperation with IoT software provider Bacsoft

In addition to IBM, Telekom or Garz & Fricke, we won another co-operation partner for our IoT applications: Bacsoft. The Israeli software provider for industrial end-to-end IoT solutions is specialized in instant wireless connectivity for infrastructures. This means a secure IoT cloud and a visual application builder for code-free web and mobile HMIs. The Bacsoft platform connects to virtually any device. Bacsoft enables companies and public utilities all over the world in water, electricity, agriculture and industrial automation to leverage the industrial internet for their business.

From now SYS TEC electronic acts as general representative for the marketing in the DACH area. The result of the connection from Bacsoft with our IoT devices (e.g. sysWORXX CTR-700) is a complete IoT solution. This enables us to offer IoT solutions from the field level to the cloud from a single source. Some tangile Use Cases are:

  • remote control of valves and level and overflow monitoring for water supplies companies
  • monitoring of remote & unmanned stations
  • oil & gas facility monitoring
  • more efficiency for street lightning
  • greenhouse monitoring & Control

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with Bacsoft and new, exciting projects in the area of industry 4.0.