IoT Starter Kit – Quick Path to Your Own IoT Solution


Three weeks ago, the world of embedded systems caught a glimpse of many new product introductions at embedded world 2017. We were represented with our IoT Chip SE, which makes it possible to connect machines and sensors to the cloud without a gateway.

IoT Chip SE: Most Popular New Product Presentation

In the Computer Automation rankings of the most popular new products at embedded world, our IoT Chip SE was number 1.

These rankings also reflect the success of the trade fair. SYS TEC electronic has once again demonstrated that it is a reliable partner for trends and innovations in the constantly evolving electronics industry. And for this we would like to thank you, for your trust in our skills and our expertise.

We would also like to take this opportunity to present our individual IoT Starter project for a quick introduction into your own IoT solution.

IoT Starter Project – Quick Path to Your Own IoT Solution

Together with you, our experts develop an individual IoT project. This means that we include two sensors of your choice on our IoT chip and load the initial application software onto your IoT Chip. At the same time, the project is monitored by our engineers and you receive workshops on connecting the IoT chip to the cloud (e.g. software programming). In closing, we visualise the generated data in the cloud (e.g. IBM Watson).

If you are interested in an individual IoT solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can find detailed information on the IoT Chip SE here.

We look forward to many joint projects with you.